No Experience Necessary

Based on my spam email, and I get a lot of it, I am old fashion and anti-real estate for this generation. I am bound to fail. Why? Look at all those virtual assistants they are selling these days. They say the new generation wants them. They don’t want to talk to a real person. The new generation doesn’t really trust people. They want to communicate through a virtual assistant.

Don’t get me wring, but that is crazy. I talk to those people who develop and sell those programs over the phone. I ask, “have you ever sold a house?” They all answer, “no.” I ask if they every showed a house. Again the answer is no. They never read or filled out a contract or attended a closing. But somehow these people are smart enough to write a computer program to replace me and answer all the questions that come up in everyday business.

What is this world coming to when they rely on NO EXPERIENCE to answer all the questions they may have on the most important purchase and/or sale of their lives? Is this where computerland is leading to?

I have customers who are friends. They like to talk about business. Their work and businesses. Some are starting new businesses, and some are going back to school to seek new carriers. Some have underwent operations. Some are having family problems and other issues. I can think of a million reasons not to let a computer replace me. In the mean time, we can see who people turn to, a computer for answers, or a real voice on the other side of the phone.



Right to Farm Law Update

What do you think, “Right to Farm Laws,” do for you? I know there are two sides to every issue. Homeowners want to pursue peace and quiet in a clean and wholesome environment free from harmful and annoying noise and odors. On the other side of the story is a family trying to make a living with enough troubles from changing weather, regulations, increasing taxes, and operating costs.

The usual story we hear concerning farming is after a new subdivision is built, people move in, and the country life does not agree with their dreams and what they imagined before making the move. So someone or a group files a complaint and then a lawsuit against the farmer or farmers in the area. The lawsuit may be as trivial as too much noise in the early morning to chemical over spray. Which may cause health issues. On the other hand, odors from chicken farms, manure spreading, and other sources are other popular complaints. Does the new neighbor or neighborhood have the right to put the farmer out of business, or make them spend countless funds to rectify a situation they lived with all their lives? My suggestion is to investigate the situation and location before you decide to purchase any home inside or outside the city. You are not only moving into a home, you are moving into a community.

It seems there is no open and shut case or clear explanation when it comes to farm rights. Everything hinges on who or what was on the location first. If the farm was conducting general business before a new residential area was added, the farm will generally have certain rights to claim. If a new operation is added that turns out to be a nuisance, the new residents may have a complaint. Every complaint is heard on a case by case basis.

Problems may arise. Remember, farming communities were based on the neighbor helping neighbor policy where a face to face meeting and a hand shake is worth more than gold. Talk it over with your neighbor. See of you can come to a solution, or find out the nuisance is only temporary. A good talk can solve problems and help you sleep at night.

This link is a rather detailed explanation of Wisconsin farm laws, and protection for farms. It is rather general. If problems escalate, the best step is to consult with an attorney who is familiar with farming laws and protection.

Smart Phones and Homes

There is something you may not have considered with your next home purchase. What if your next home includes some of the new so called, “smart devices?” What if the Seller has set up their home with door locks, surveillance, heating controls, and other controls on the house? If the proper measures are not taken, the Seller will still have access to your new home and control over features you don’t want anyone to control.

Buying a home with smart features requires another layer of preparation and for lack of a better term, set up. No one wants a former owner with access to video cameras, heating units, stove, refrigerator, nor the front door. So how do you protect yourself against the possibility of invasions when the house is transferred from one owner to another?

Smart Home Options

It seems there are a lot of options when it comes to purchasing smart home equipment. Most easily link to a smart phone app that offers a variety of options. When you read up on some of those options, it becomes apparent that some companies didn’t plan for the sale of the home and those features. What are the options? Depending upon the actual product, there may be no option other than to remove the equipment. At whose expense? Other smart home products offer a seamless transfer from one user to the next. Some products may offer agreements that can be included in the Offer to Purchase and final closing documents. That type of information is important. A good Listing Agent can and should investigate those types of scenarios and plan ahead. Those types of features need to be disclosed during the sale process.

Changing Smart Home Users

Smart devises normally operate through an application on a smart phone. They all require a password that is saved to your phone. The easiest way to transfer ownership of smart devices for the home is to:

  • Install the smart devise app on your phone.
  • You will need the password from the previous owner to access the devises.
  • The previous owner can change their password to a temporary password to transfer ownership and control.
  • The new owner enters the current password, accesses the account, then changes the password so only they have access to the smart devises.
  • Other set up may be required.

It’s a good thing we have the Internet and companies who market smart devises for homes have websites. Those websites have instructions and manuals that can be downloaded and reviewed. Most also have online support. Check with the Seller before the transaction is complete to get details on support. Is the support free? Is support limited, or lifetime? Are there fees involved in a transfer? Are there monthly fees involved? There are a number of questions that could come up. All of these details have to be addressed before the final closing and transfer when the home will be occupied by the Buyer.

Crossroads Real Estate Marketing

Crossroads Real Estate Marketing

Crossroads Real Estate has taken marketing to a whole new level. Forget the one size fits all marketing strategy. That one size fits all theology may sell houses, but at what price? And who pays that price? Crossroads Real Estate does not apply the one commission fits all sizes concept to any seller or listing. Each property, Buyer, Seller, Client, and Customer are unique. Each requires a different approach and technique to assure success on both sides of every transaction.

Crossroads Real Estate Marketing is based on a long list of proprietary information. Few if any other Brokers in the nation use marketing techniques honed by years of experience, the local market, changing market conditions, economic conditions, and forecasts.

Crossroads Real Estate Marketing utilizes a high degree of research focused on understanding the local market. In turn that research reveals a number of Buyer interests. Buyers do have different interests in the same property. There can be anywhere from 3 to 6 major interests in any property. Each interest requires a different marketing approach to draw the greatest number of qualified Buyers to a property.

In many cases Crossroads Real Estate marketing results in multiple offers for the Seller to review. That is the goal. On the Broker side, multiple offers require more time, work, and effort. For the Seller, multiple offers places the Seller in the drivers seat and in most cases, places the Seller in a more relaxed stage throughout the sale process.

What does Crossroads Real Estate Marketing consist of? The actual process is proprietary information. Some of the general steps consist of gathering local market data. Automated systems are installed and refined to suit specific needs. Working with a Linux based system is one of the most important keys. Linux based systems are more secure. Which not only protects client information, but protects the actual process used by Crossroads Real Estate from prying eyes on the Internet. Internet security is a major concern for Crossroads Real Estate.

As you all know, Linux systems require a certain degree of programming knowledge and skill. Simple computer applications can track and report on local market conditions and changes that can effect the entire marking concept. A few properly timed changes to the marketing concept on a property can make all the difference.

Rest assured, Crossroads Real Estate does not rely on any third party involved with Internet information gathering, which most often relies on spyware, and selling information. All of the information used by Crossroads Real Estate is actually public information offered by the most reliable sources in the nation. The best news is, this information is free. Which allows Crossroads Real Estate to offer its clients the best commission rates in the area, along with services that go way beyond the cutting edge of the Real Estate Industry in general. This information and its sources is shared with Buyers and clients to help equip themselves with the information they need to make the right choice when it comes to making the decision on the next property they will purchase. Information is power.

Computers are a tool. The information is out there and available. All it takes is a little imagination and a few computer skills to put the best package together, and offer services the competition has never dreamed about. Crossroads Real Estate marketing brings that concept to reality. And with that concept and technology comes the innovative marketing techniques that Buyers and Sellers need to stand above the crowd.

Internet Safety

Just as the title implies, this section is focused on Internet Safety. What does a Real Estate Agent know about Internet Safety? When an agent grew up using computers since they were the size of a room and watched the computer age and internet progress to what we see today, you can see how that accumulated knowledge can be a benefit. Internet Safety is no joke. Internet Safety is not something you pay a fee and let someone handle for you. Internet Safety is like any other situation requiring any safety measures. BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS.

Internet attacks can and will come from anywhere. As a Real Estate Agent I depend on my name being all over the Internet. My contact information is out there for the world to see. I don’t hide behind forms, or layers of pages between me and my clients. I have to be there when people need answers, to make an offer, view a property, and a host of other issues. I can’t afford to hide from the world. So I tend to see just about every threat and scam in the world. I am one of the few pioneers left in the Internet world.

This section is geared to change with the times as the Internet changes before our eyes. Feel free to let us know about your experiences. Send me a message, or post a comment below. Make the world a safer place by sharing this section and related posts.

I’ll Tell You What You Want to Hear

The title sums up just about every business and sad to say, church in the era we are living in. Internet spying, or shall we call it, cyber demographics sets high standards. Companies collect information, then sell it to other companies so they can tell you what you want to hear. They do this to sell you want you don’t need. They do it everyday, and the sad part of it is, they are very successful at it. Business wants to keep one step ahead of, not just the general public, but the individual, and they are getting there.

On a mass scale, I’ve seen this happen in real estate. News releases shuffle the facts around just enough to make it look like listings are way down. That motivates agents to go out and get listings, more listings, and more listings. Listings drive the market. Control the listings and you control the market. Low and behold the truth finally came out in the 3rd quarter of 2017. Sales were off 52%. That means the market in 2017 had a total lack of buyers. It was a buyer’s market all along, but news releases told agents, it was a sellers market. We saw some of the largest increases in housing prices I’ve ever seen. Why? It was a lack of communication. Agents kept telling buyers, there was a lack of good homes for sale. The truth was, there was a greater lack of buyers to compete with, so take your time, make a sound, educated offer, and look for a great deal on a new home. There wasn’t a lot of competition out there for buyers to worry about, but statistics were presented to make people think, there was a lack of good, quality homes for sale.

As far as cyber demographics is concerned. People brainstorm ways to present just about every product to you in a personalized manner. It may be customized based on your internet browsing habits, an email you sent, and maybe even a phone call you made. Imagine that, people taking your phone conversations and turning them into a marketing tool aimed at you. Is it happening? If it isn’t, give it some time.

The fact of the matter is, businesses can spend less time designing and building quality products and stick more money into selling you whatever they have. They will develop a need in your life for whatever they have.

At the present time, we don’t know who to trust, who is spying on us, or how they will eventually use that information for, or against us. Cyber blackmail is not a new thing, and people will figure out how to acclimate your Internet browsing, emails, phone calls, and who knows what to — well blackmail people. Change a line or two, and the scammers have what they want, someone on the hook. What is next? We can only imagine. We do know, the government isn’t about to do anything about it. We are in our own in this world. Until we elect honest people who can run for reelection on what they’ve done, not on telling us what we want to hear a few days before the election. Come to think of it, telling people what they want to hear has been in politics long before the Internet was invented.

Local Events

Local Events is a collection of events in and around Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, and other counties in the area. Some posts contain pictures of events. Other posts announce local events. Local Events also has information about museums, zoos, parts, gardens, and other points of interest. If you have something you want to post. Let me know and I can set up a link set on a content card. It looks like a large business card for the Internet. We can make this work. We are all professionals.

Facts on Zestimate

Here is a great article written by another Real Estate Agent who looked into that Zillow Estimate some people use. I prefer to use a half mile radius around the subject properly that shows all the SOLD units within the past few months, and the active units. Than it is only a matter of taking a look at the size of the properties, lot size, special features, condition based on the pictures, and the prices. That is accurate and up to date information. Not a guess formulated by outdated information and the best guess written by a computer programmer from who knows where. What do they really know about the local market you are selling or buying in?

This article contains some facts in Zextimate that may shock you. 

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Real Estate Investing

Real Estate investing can have many faces. Some of them kind and inviting, and some faces are covered by masks. How do you know you are getting into the right investment for you?

Investing can be as simple as buying a duplex. Live in one half and rent out the other half to help pay the mortgage, taxes, maintenance, and other expenses, No matter what type of investment you pursue, there will be expenses. If you are profitable, there will always be taxes.

This is a simple page to introduce the concept of Real Estate Investing. Details for each type and phase of investing are covered in articles listed in the drop down menu. Here is a brief list of steps all Investors need to follow.

  • Determine your price range.
    • Include purchase price
    • Rehab and improvement costs
    • Taxes
    • Listing and closing costs
  • Determine the type of property.
    • Land
    • Rehab and resell
    • Rental property
    • Retail Property
  • Determine location
  • Network
    • Contractors
    • Real Estate Agents
    • Lenders
    • Attorney
    • City Contacts

Look at all the aspects of investing. Develop a plan. Write your plan out. Begin the networking process as soon as possible. Gather information. Information is power.

The drop down menu lists a number of articles for investors. You can also search this website. Share some of your stories, ideas, and suggestions.

Beware!! There are number of scams aimed at Real Estate Investors. We cover the most common scams in some of the articles here.

Ez1 Realty attempts to filter our advertising from known or suspected investment scams, and investment websites selling incomplete and misleading information. If you spot one of those ads, let us know and we will remove that advertisement.

Product Reviews

Life is more than Real Estate. We all buy products. We all want to make the right choices on every purchase. This section reviews a number of products based on actual experience The reviews are unbiased and in fact banned from many online store reviews who follow certain rules. These products range from rechargeable batteries, cell phone gadgets, tools, to suppliers and vendors. There are also reviews on computer programs centered on productivity. The articles are original and all are based off personal use and experience. The world is more than Real Estate. And Real Estate should take advantage of recent advancements in every field. Real Estate is all about homes, businesses, and people. Why not work to enhance all aspects of life?

I hope you enjoy this section. Use the search feature on this site if you don’t see what you are looking for. You can also check the category section on the side bar and located near the bottom of every page. Also feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.