3M Sand Paper

3M Sand Paper Sheet 346U, Aluminum Oxide, 17-1/2 Length x 2-3/4 Width, 60 Grit

In my book 3M is the leader in sandpaper products. It has always been consistent as well as reliable. The search is on for a less expensive replacement, but all I’ve run into is a few disappointments. The 3M sandpaper lasts, does not clog as easily, and overall is the best quality paper money can buy.

You use this 3m sandpaper on a long sanding board, or flat board. I’ve heard them called different names. I just found on a Harbor Freight for about the lowest price I’ve seen in years. The flat sanding board is for bodywork on cars with long, straight surfaces. It is also used in curved surfaces and with a little practice, you can get pretty good at straightening out cars.

60 grit is a rather rough sandpaper. 36 grit is the roughest I’ve used and use it only for the initial cut on bondo surfaces. After 36 grit to get off the really high surfaces, 60 grip is good for clean up, final straightening, and can be used with high build primers. I’ll be doing a review on high build primers later. At least the products I’ve tried.


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