Allstar Cleco pliers

Allstar Performance ALL18220 Cleco Plier

These piers are great when you want to hold a piece of sheet metal to a surface to either rivet or weld in place. They are used in the aircraft industry to hold metal sheets in place for pop rivets. Of course you need the Cleco clamps also. Those are in another article. You can also use Clecos to hold sheet metal panels to a car body to weld, line up, check fit, and many other uses. Let your imagination soar with these handy little clamps.


The Allstar Cleco pliers are top quality and well made. They will last for years. Yes, these Allstar Cleco pliers get 2 thumbs up. You will need a spare Allstar Cleco pliers when working with large panels and 2 people are fitting up a panel. An extra set of Allstar Cleco pliers is a must.

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