Digital Hearing Amplifiers

Digital Hearing Amplifiers Qty 2 ( Modern Blue ) 500hr Battery by Britzgo BHA-220D – 1 Year Warranty!!

I bought this set of these hearing aids or amplifiers for a friend. They actually work fine. The digital hearing amplifiers made a difference right away. In one example, we heard a bird more than 100 feet away. She just put in the digital hearing amplifiers less than a half hour ago. The day before she would have not heard that bird. Because the digital hearing amplifiers opened a new world to her, she said, “someones phone is ringing.” She thought the bird was a ring tone.


It makes a big difference when you don’t have to always face someone and talk in a louder tone of voice. Now she hears fine and has been adjusting the amplification down a bit. The digit hearing amplifiers are easy to use and adjust. They come complete with batteries and are ready to go. I know a few other people who could use these digital hearing amplifiers and I will be suggesting them.

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