No Experience Necessary

No Experience Necessary

Based on my spam email, and I get a lot of it, I am old fashion and anti-real estate for this generation. I am bound to fail. Why? Look at all those virtual assistants they are selling these days. They say the new generation wants them. They don’t want to talk to a real person. The new generation doesn’t really trust people. They want to communicate through a virtual assistant.

Don’t get me wring, but that is crazy. I talk to those people who develop and sell those programs over the phone. I ask, “have you ever sold a house?” They all answer, “no.” I ask if they every showed a house. Again the answer is no. They never read or filled out a contract or attended a closing. But somehow these people are smart enough to write a computer program to replace me and answer all the questions that come up in everyday business.

What is this world coming to when they rely on NO EXPERIENCE to answer all the questions they may have on the most important purchase and/or sale of their lives? Is this where computerland is leading to?

I have customers who are friends. They like to talk about business. Their work and businesses. Some are starting new businesses, and some are going back to school to seek new carriers. Some have underwent operations. Some are having family problems and other issues. I can think of a million reasons not to let a computer replace me. In the mean time, we can see who people turn to, a computer for answers, or a real voice on the other side of the phone.

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