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What do you know about the Home Selling process? The Home Selling process is rather simple when you know the steps Sellers should follow. The basic steps for home sellers is not complicated. The Basic Steps to Sell your Real Estate are the same no matter what price range you are in.

  • Know the LOCAL market and current prices
  • Know what properties have in common and what the differences are
  • Prepare your property. Clean up is a must.
  • Negotiate and sign a Listing Contract
  • Pictures Sell Homes. Make sure your house features show up on the pictures.
  • Be flexible for showings
  • Review all Offers to Purchase
  • Negotiate Price and contingencies
  • Sign an Offer to Purchase
  • Show up for the Closing

Home Selling can be Ez when you know and follow all the basic steps. Issues crop up and experience tells us how to deal with all those issues. Wells, septic systems, adverse conditions, and other issues can and will effect the sale of a home. A long list of other issues have to be addressed for other Real Estate such as businesses, investments, rental units, industrial property, lots, and land. Ez1 Realty works with a great team of Title Companies, contractors, Internet affiliates, and other sources that streamline the Real Estate Sales process. It takes more than a Real Estate Agency to sell a property.

Each of those steps are covered in greater detail on articles in the Buyer Section of this website. This Website is designed so you can find information fast. Information is updated on a regular basis. So bookmark this site or sign up for E-mail updates.

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Ez1 Realty is dedicated to making your home sale Ez. We pride ourselves on closing on time, keeping you updates, informed, and comfortable with the home selling process.

Real Estate Buyers

This section is dedicated to providing information to Real Estate Buyers. It doesn’t matter what price range you are in, you want to make the right decision when it comes to buying a new home or any Real Estate property. No one wants to make a mistake when it comes to a Real Estate purchase. But it happens every day.

The Home Buying process is rather simple when you follow the prescribed order.

  • Talk to a local Lender to get pre-qualified for a loan.
  • Talk to your Real Estate Agent and let them know what type of house you want, features, location, and other vital information.
  • View Houses
  • Check Market Value
  • Review any irregularities with the Lender
  • Write an Offer to Purchase
  • Negotiate price and contingencies
  • Submit paperwork to your Lender after an offer is accepted.
  • Go through the Lending processes
  • Final walk through before closing
  • Final closing

Each of those steps are covered in greater detail on articles in the Buyer Section of this website. This Website is designed so you can find information fast. Information is updated on a regular basis. So bookmark this site or sign up for E-mail updates.

The pull down in each category will feature the majority of information on the subject. Additional information can be found using the Search window, or Category Pull Down. If you have any ideas, questions, or suggestions, post a comment, or E-mail us directly.

No information is collected by Ez1 Realty or used for marketing. Other third party affiliates contributing to this website such as advertisers may apply cookies, and collect information. That is the Internet as usual.

Ez1 Realty is dedicated to making your home purchase Ez. We pride ourselves on closing on time, keeping you updates, informed, and comfortable with the home buying process.

Tornadoes in Waldo and Cascade

It seems we had a few tornadoes west of Sheboygan on August 28, 2018. I was visiting a friend looking out the garage door when it began pouring rain with little or no warning. It was coming down in buckets. The thing I remember is how the trees were all leaning to the north from the high winds. In a split second the wind shifted and the trees were lying down to the south. The high winds changed direction 180 degrees in a split second. Branches were flying around. Most of them seemed to be coming from the west while the trees in front of use were blowing to the south. After a few minutes the rain and winds let up. A brief walk outside revealed a number of items blown around and a few items in the yard that were not there before the storm.

Waldo Wisconsin had a number of trees down. Quite a few. Some of them were rather large trees with 8-12 inch diameter roots exposed. Heading east towards Sheboygan the damage was wide spread close to Highway 57, but lessened as we headed east. Heading west, Cascade Wisconsin seems to be hit the worse. Trees were down all over the place. There were few signs of damaged buildings.

The weather service reported as many as 19 tornadoes in the area. Some claim that is a record. Electricity was out for about 24 hours throughout Waldo. The electric company crews did a great job of restoring service.

Clean up is underway. I helped clean up about 6 trees. I did learn a few tricks about loading branches. If you start piling branches in a trailer with all the stems pointing out, it is much easier to unload. When the leaves are all pointing to the front, top leaves compress leaves on the bottom and you can pack more. When you get so high with branches they tend to begin to angle down. If you have a long trailer you are basically stacking the last few few vertical. Which allows you to pack a lot more branches.

Here is one trick I saw. Pack the first bundle of branches with all the sticks pointed out. When the trailer has a full width of branches, gather the stems and tie a long tow strap around them. This will allow you to pull out all the branches at once. Of course the dump had an excavator to pull out the branches and they all worked as a team to unload the truck. That should work for a small trailer with a few people to help load and unload.

I’ll have to add some pictures later. Here are some other stories.

    The Latest: Weather service says 19 tornadoes hit August 28

     Jackson tornado started at Cascades, touched down for 1.5 miles


Finally a site trying to make America a better country. I don’t know about you, but I am weary of hearing complaints and no one wants to roll up their sleeves to do a thing about – anything. This doesn’t seem like much, but this is an idea that should work. That is if people get behind it. If this fails, it only shows why Congress feels like they can do anything and we are really powerless to do anything about it. Visit today and let your voice be heard. If no one else does it, at least you showed you still care about America.


Vote on Bills

Voting on these Bills allows your voice to be heard all the way to Washington D. C. Once we accumulate a number of votes, the results will be sent to Congress. Our hope is to turn the tide in Congress by getting elected representatives to vote the will of the People.

You can also see a list of Bills to Vote on in the Category Drop Down located on Posts throughout this website. A Category Drop Down is also located near the bottom of every Page.

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Today in History: September 1, 1939 – Germany Invades Poland

On September 1, 1939, despite having already taken over Austria, despite having been handed land in the Sudetenland (by British PM Chamberlain), Hitler – having decided that simply wasn’t enough – had his troops invade Poland.

Now, England and France had already promised Poland that if Germany attacked them that it would mean war. However, even after the inevitable attack on Poland took place, the two countries were wary of getting themselves into another war.

However, they couldn’t continue to sit back and do nothing while Hitler (*ahem* and Mussolini and Stalin) invaded country after country. 

Stay tuned to WWII History to see how Britain and France handled the situation with Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini.

Image result for germany invades poland


Here is the link to to view more on Today in History Posts.

Today in History

This is a section with featured stories on what happened Today in History that helped shape America. There are also stories about what happened around the world today in history. All of the stories are good food for though. Leave your comments and let people know what you are thinking. This is a collection of short stories by date on what happened today in history. The stories on concise, and include sources. I hope you enjoy this section and reading the stories as much as I do. You can sign up on the the site, for updates. Help spread the word.

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USA Trivia

Here is a really interesting collection of USA Trivia. New questions and answers are posted everyday. Don’t be afraid to sign up for updates by email. I did. This section has a great collection of questions on American presidents and other interesting information. It is meant to be shared. So I had to share it. I hope you do the same.

The site has buttons for you to share with friends via email, or on your favorite social media. There are new sections added to this site. So bookmark it and check back often. Who doesn’t like trivia? And USA trivia is the best.

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For the Serious Investor

Crossroads Real Estate LLC is seeking out the best investments for the serious investor. This page is not intended to post all the investment properties available. We can of course post our own listings for Sellers who appreciate the additional marketing Crossroads Real Estate LLC offers. One of the many personal sides of the Real Estate business all our clients appreciate. We can also post investment properties offered by other Brokers who decide to cooperate and take advantage of our advanced marketing skills. Contact  Crossroads Real Estate for additional details.

The Future of the Internet

Most people would not look at me as an expert on the Internet. I have been around computers since 1975 when we had to use binary code to teach a computer how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. That was about it, other then those punch cards with little square holes.

Image result for first computersThe first computer I used in engineering was the size of a room. Very slow, and kept crashing I had to first draw a tractor cab on paper, plot all the points using geometry, write down X,Y,Z coordinates, then put points on the computer and connect the dots. That was it.

The first project I worked on, I drew half a tractor cab, then asked the computer guy how I could copy and flip the thing to make a whole cab. No one ever heard of that. A room full of vice presidents meet for weeks to figure out if it was worth the cost to pay a programmer to come up with a way to do that. They couldn’t see much use for a copy and flip command. How things have changed.

I eventually wound up at a company that saw a use for computers and invested in new computers and drafting software developed by engineers and designers that actually worked for a living. That was great. It was one of the first systems that worked, was stable, and did just about everything. There was also the ability to extend its usefulness with simple macros and sub-routines. We could do everything but make that computer sing.

We of course hired engineers from other companies with experience on other software, most on the leading seller. We would show them what we could do with the press of a button. They watched as the computer popped up a series of questions, then did an amazing amount of drawing on its own. That taught me two things. We can teach a computer to do parts of our jobs for us, things we do on a consistent basis, and most people don’t want to take the time to study chores they do over and over again. Most people want to do their work and leave it up to some computer programmer to suddenly make life easier for them.

In the old days, people who actually worked for a living were regular employees by day and computer programmers by night, so to speak. We had accountants developing accounting software, engineers writing engineering software, so on and so forth. They made programs that worked, and didn’t go through major updates and changes like we see today. The company I worked for sent me back to school to learn enough programming so I could communicate with the systems guy and tell him, we need the computer to do this and that, and know it was possible. Visual Basic was the key. Take one part of this program, add in that part from another program, and make something totally new. I had sort of a gift to see how useful computers could be.

Now we have people all over the world sitting in Internet cafes, or in their living room with a laptop trying to make money the old fashion way, steal it. The world is full of Internet thieves. I still get 1-2 letters per day via email with new variations on millions of dollars they have in a bank account, and they need help getting the funds to the US. Oh, and the old inheritance scheme. Are people still falling for that?

Now we have sophisticated scams. Most of them seem rather harmless and may go unnoticed. Even top antivirus programs use forms of spyware and sell off all the information on your computer. Who can you trust these days? My favorite antivirus program is Spybot. They are about the only ones left you can trust. The rest have fallen victim to big money from personal information sold all over the world. What is that information used for? All kinds of things. I can see how this is going to turn into a long series of stories.

Your information was first stolen to target your shopping habits. Major companies track the sites you visit on the internet, and then flood every site you visit with that product, or similar products. Those companies also buy information stolen from your computer to refine your custom made Internet experience. Bet you never considered that aspect. Those companies also developed and employ their own brand of spyware buried in operating systems. The bigger the company these days, the more deadly their spyware is.

Not long ago a computer worked off an operating system that only took up a few kilobytes of information. People were stunned when new operating systems took up a few megabytes of hard drive space. Today operating systems take up gigabytes. What are they doing with all that space?

Today most systems come with spyware included free of charge. People used to steal information, send it to their computers over the Internet, then process it, looking for information they could sell. Well why not use your computer to process and store that information, then send the important stuff of to the spy company? That made sense, and that’s what most people are stuck with today. Linux makes a safe operating system, but today, people want someone to do everything for them. With Linux, you have to know some basic programming, a sort of DOS system and a few commands to add programs to your computer. It is not impossible to break into, but very difficult. Linux requires a password to add any program to the hard drive. Since most of the world uses an operating system designed to do everything for you, thieves don’t bother to waste time on the 2% of the world that uses a stable, safe system. In a heartbeat, major software companies could fix that spyware and virus problem, but they are the biggest spies in the world.

You could go in and fix your operating system by taking out the spyware codes. But once you take out one program, there are 999 backups on your system to replace it. I don’t know how anyone could deal with the situation today. It has gone wild. So what does the future hold?

Everyone knows advertisers use information to flood you with ads to click. There is a lot of money in that. The last few elections taught us how politicians use stolen information to custom make banner ads to target individuals. Much of that was used to fuel the fake news sites. Using information from the Internet, they knew which stories to write and buy to target both sides of the political arena. The truth no longer matters. Attracting people to a site and getting them to click on ads is all that matters. It is all about money.

Now that the news has gotten their fingers in the pie, you can expect they will learn to use stolen information about people as well as the smaller, fake news people did. But they are looking at talking everything a step further – customizing news to suit the individual. In other words, I’ll see one news story, and you’ll see a totally different angle on that same news story. All they need is a person to enter a few basic pieces of information and let the computer write thousands of variations. As soon as the computer sees you on the site, in less than a second, a new custom website is revealed that agrees with your insight on life, to a degree. Your candidate is the best person in the world, and the opponent is a raging demon. How will they change other news? What happens when someone designs a computer program with an imagination, of some kind?

Internet Bullying on Steroids

It seems most people use one or more forms of Internet social media these days. Internet Social Media (ISM) opens up a whole new field for advertising in the Real Estate market. Smart agents should be able to figure out how to use this as a vital tool to keep in touch with all their friends, so they don’t forget, they have someone they know, and can trust when it comes time to sell their homes, and/or look for a new home.

ISM is not very difficult to use. All the ISM’s I’ve used encourage people to invite all their friends. Some offer a feature that will invite friends for you. They ask for permission to access your address book, and send out form letter invitations. Which is not a very good idea. On the old Internet, I had to send out a personal invitation to people I knew to get them to join the new social media … what would you call them? Clubs, or what?

Today I get maybe 4-8 phone calls a day from people selling me stuff. I mean junk. Their programs to use ISM. That is phone calls. I have no idea how many emails I delete everyday, and how many get sent to the junk folder automatically. Today we have so called experts who can make you rich by flipping a few switches on ISM that will make the money roll in. So what has social media and the term, “friend,” become? What is a friend in ISM? A way to make money? Is that what Real Estate has become? Maybe that’s why I try to avoid ISM. I like the old ways. Let’s talk. A handshake is as good as my word.

I do, or should say, I have used social media. I didn’t invite a whole lot of people. Most of them were via a phone call, or talking to them in the same room, when I told them about the ISM I was using. Is that old fashion or what? After that, I did send out a few invitations, but for the most part, people ran across me, and sent me that form letter friend request.

One of those ISM pages I had centered on a church I was involved with. They always seemed to find things to disagree on. Some discussions were rather heated. I usually tried to avoid getting involved, but you know the feeling, after a while you feel a need to voice your opinion, or maybe two.

I sat back as one group attacked another. I could see the divisions, and as usual with religious matters, people took one sentence, often part of a sentence, and wrote a book about what they thought it means. Eventually I decided to look into what the Bible actually said about the issue. I noticed one side clung onto a handful of what they referred to as proof texts, while some people taking the other side referred to stories in the Bible. Entire stories that made sense.

I know and use about 24 rules to study scripture. There are ways, like using a Concordance to look up the original Hebrew or Greek meaning of words. I found out the people using proof texts didn’t do that. The proof text they used would only stand up when they placed a personal meaning on a few key words. Key words is another method of study I also use. Key words formed links between the stories I studied. I used a series of related stories, to apply the general rule, not to base a belief on 1-2 texts.

By the time I finished writing a series of studies on that subject, I had thousands of followers on that ISM account. The studies used and covered every rule of interpretation in a way, it was almost impossible to argue the point without taking those stories out of the Bible, or insisting they don’t belong in the Bible.

I had no idea so many people put that subject on a life and death level, and some of the higher ranking people in that church took a personal interest in the matter. I guess I ruffled a few feathers. After posting my simple studies, someone rallied a bunch of people and my ISM account was locked out. Later I heard that group spent a huge sum of money, over a million dollars to buy advertising on that ISM platform. Um, that didn’t make sense. A church who had to go to a so called social media expert to make friends. Something sounded rather odd about that.

I didn’t sweat it. I had another ISM account. I just stayed away from controversial religious subjects, I learned my lesson. People with the most money win on social media. That was only the beginning of that lesson.

I just posted a few articles explaining how foolish it is to spend tons of money on the Internet to advertise a business like Real Estate on ISM. I also posted an article on spam emails, which looking back, are largely generated by companies selling programs to turn ISM into a cash making machine. Am I wrong? Think about it. If you are paying a company to find friends, are they really friends? Those friends are supposed to turn into paying customers. Anyone with an ounce of common sense will know, the person who pays a ton of money to make friends will pass that expense onto anyone who becomes a customer. Is that anyway to treat a friend?

After posting a few articles explaining how the rising cost of Internet advertising is leading to an increased cost of doing business, one of my ISM accounts was locked out. I can’t get to it. Is that another case of, the people with money win on social media?

Most people look at Internet bullying as kids writing unkind words about another kid. That is child’s play compared to what I’ve seen. Read something you don’t like, what can you do? You can agree to disagree. If that comments cuts into your business, you can contact the company running the show, and demand that person’s account be canceled. Is that fair, or is that the new generation of Internet bullying?

Not many people appreciate or like spam emails, viruses, spyware, and other things spread all over the Internet designed to collect personal details about people, so some company can make a fortune from selling your personal information. That is the new Internet gossip. Major companies want us to either accept it as a way of life, or learn to ignore it. They disguise Internet gossip under the phrase, “friend,” to make it palatable. And we are supposed to look at that as a necessary evil, the new way of life. If we disagree, we loose our entire friend list, and are not welcome in any social media circle. Is that right?

It’s not very difficult to learn how to use social media for free. I don’t think anyone has any problem with that. But when money is involved, we all of a sudden see a never ending influx of ever changing rules where the rich get richer, and the poor who are smart enough to use the system for free, are not welcome.

I already made up my mind. Call me a rebel, but I am not paying anyone a dime to find me new friends. Friends like that I don’t need. I build friendship the old fashion way, through trust. A rare commodity these days. These days, selling off everything you know about a friend for a nickle is a daily routine to survive, pay for that new car, or take that vacation. People act more like crack attics than real friends, and we are supposed to accept that as the new social media. How much is your friendship worth? Have you put a price on it. When I look at Real Estate and the direction it is going, you maybe should ask the agent you are thinking about working with, how much did you pay for the information you have on me, and how much is that going to cost me? Can we really accept the price social media has placed on friendship?