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What do you know about the Home Selling process? The Home Selling process is rather simple when you know the steps Sellers should follow. The basic steps for home sellers is not complicated. The Basic Steps to Sell your Real Estate are the same no matter what price range you are in.

  • Know the LOCAL market and current prices
  • Know what properties have in common and what the differences are
  • Prepare your property. Clean up is a must.
  • Negotiate and sign a Listing Contract
  • Pictures Sell Homes. Make sure your house features show up on the pictures.
  • Be flexible for showings
  • Review all Offers to Purchase
  • Negotiate Price and contingencies
  • Sign an Offer to Purchase
  • Show up for the Closing

Home Selling can be Ez when you know and follow all the basic steps. Issues crop up and experience tells us how to deal with all those issues. Wells, septic systems, adverse conditions, and other issues can and will effect the sale of a home. A long list of other issues have to be addressed for other Real Estate such as businesses, investments, rental units, industrial property, lots, and land. Ez1 Realty works with a great team of Title Companies, contractors, Internet affiliates, and other sources that streamline the Real Estate Sales process. It takes more than a Real Estate Agency to sell a property.

Each of those steps are covered in greater detail on articles in the Buyer Section of this website. This Website is designed so you can find information fast. Information is updated on a regular basis. So bookmark this site or sign up for E-mail updates.

The pull down in each category will feature the majority of information on the subject. Additional information can be found using the Search window, or Category Pull Down. If you have any ideas, questions, or suggestions, post a comment, or E-mail us directly.

No information is collected by Ez1 Realty or used for marketing. Other third party affiliates contributing to this website such as advertisers may apply cookies, and collect information. That is the Internet as usual.

Ez1 Realty is dedicated to making your home sale Ez. We pride ourselves on closing on time, keeping you updates, informed, and comfortable with the home selling process.

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