I suppose this is where you look to find out a little about your Real Estate Agent. Since I am getting close to retirement, I work with 

people with the dream and concept of finding the right place to kick back and enjoy life. Where is that for you? A neighborhood in the city, updated subdivision, or a quite place in the country? What features are you looking for? Homes go beyond bedrooms and bathrooms. Have any hobbies? Need a place for a wood shop, maybe an enlarged garage for a few project cars? How much land do you need to spread out? Let’s take a look at what we can find. 

Now for the technical stuff. I’ve been a licensed Real Estate Agent since 2005 and and a Licensed Real Estate Broker since 2012. What is the difference between an Agent and a Broker? Brokers receive more extensive training and are responsible for checking contracts. Brokers can also draft lease and rental contracts. That allows me to help first time investors get started as Landlords. I work in residential, commercial, land, home construction, and of course, investment Real Estate. I primarily work in Sheboygan, Fond du lac, and as far south as Milwaukee, and Waukesha Counties, as well as all points in between. I prefer meeting face to face, and direct phone calls. I do business the old fashion way with people, while using resources from the latest technology. 

One more thing I should mention. I refuse to pay for Internet advertising. The Internet has Agents and Brokers bidding against each other to capture new business. The cost has skyrocketed over the years to the point you have to ask, who are they serving, the public, advertising companies, or themselves? Click on the Internet ad, and you never know what you’ll wind up with. I prefer to turn the savings over to clients.