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I really don’t know how to rate this one. The concept is easy. It works great when it does pair with the phone. But either this Bluetooth FM transmitter or the phone have an issue. I think it is the phone because other Bluetooth devises have the same problem. They do not want to connect to media. They all work great with the phone, on calls and such, but have issues playing music or sound from videos. I thought I had that problem solved, but it still creeps back every once in a while.

My kid has an Apple phone with no issues. So I think the problem is with Andriod 6. Bluetooth has problems pairing to media such as music and videos. My best solution was to delete the other 6 Bluetooth devices and go with only the 2 I need. That seems to work to a degree.

This actual Bluetooth FM transmitter works fine. Just tune it into a frequency on the radio no one in the area uses, and pair it with your phone. The phone call sound and microphone work better than expected. If the unit does not pair with your phone when you start the car, unplug it for a few seconds and plug it back in.


The unit will plug into your cigarette lighter. (for the older generation. It is the power port for the younger generation.) The display is a good size, easy to see, and controls are easy to use. Once the unit pairs with your phone it knows where your songs are and starts playing them. Most of the time the unit will begin playing music through your car stereo as long as you have your FM dial set to the same radio station you have the Bluetooth FM transmitter set to. It is very simple. If the music does not automatically play, hit the play button for your music app on the phone. You have a volume control in the Bluetooth FM transmitter, the phone, and you car stereo. If you don’t hear the music, check the phone. Every once in a while my phone will turn off the media volume.

The Bluetooth FM transmitter also has a control to go to the next song, or back to the previous song. The unit is nothing fancy but gets the job done. For the price and convenience, this unit it a great choice.

The Bluetooth FM Transmitter also has 2 USB ports. One is a 3.4 amp quick charger that works in phones that allow quick charging. It will adjust to your phone, or whatever you plug into charge. The other USB port is a 2 amp and doubles as a direct USB link to your phone or other media device. In other words, you can link direct to your music via USB and you do not have to use the FM transmitter.

I just checked the price and Amazon is running a sale on this unit. For the price it performs great, and the sound quality is as good as the CD player in the car stereo. Better than the FM radio and no commercials. Enjoy the drive with your own music.

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