Rayovac Platinum AA Rechargeable Batteries

Rayovac Platinum Pre-Charged NiMH AA Size Batteries, PL715-4 GEN, 4-Pack

I bought these Rayovac Platinum AA rechargeable Batteries because they cost a little less than the Panasonic, which are rated a little higher. This is my second set of Rayovac AA rechargeable batteries. I’ve noticed little difference between the Rayovac Platinum AA rechargeable Batteries and Panasonic batteries. They both charge at the same rate, last about the same amount of time, and deliver the same power in products you can feel the difference. In the long run, the Rayovac Platinum Pre-Charged NiMH AA Batteries do have a higher mA rating and should hold a charge longer. I’ve owned one set a number of years and that is why I went back to some these as a few extra spare batteries.

I use these Rayovac Platinum AA rechargeable Batteries in everything that takes AA batteries. I use one in my cordless mouse, my camera takes 4 batteries, and of course in flashlights. The lithium batteries are supposed to last for years without loosing a charge. Other sites may be a little more technical in their reviews. I just tell it like it is from my personal experiences.


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