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Life is more than Real Estate. We all buy products. We all want to make the right choices on every purchase. This section reviews a number of products based on actual experience The reviews are unbiased and in fact banned from many online store reviews who follow certain rules. These products range from rechargeable batteries, cell phone gadgets, tools, to suppliers and vendors. There are also reviews on computer programs centered on productivity. The articles are original and all are based off personal use and experience. The world is more than Real Estate. And Real Estate should take advantage of recent advancements in every field. Real Estate is all about homes, businesses, and people. Why not work to enhance all aspects of life?

I hope you enjoy this section. Use the search feature on this site if you don’t see what you are looking for. You can also check the category section on the side bar and located near the bottom of every page. Also feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.

Allstar Performance ALL18220 Cleco Plier

These piers are great when you want to hold a piece of sheet metal to a surface to either rivet or weld in place. They are used in the aircraft industry to hold metal sheets in place for pop rivets. Of course you need the Cleco clamps also. Those are in another article. You can also use Clecos to hold sheet metal panels to a car body to weld, line up, check fit, and many other uses. Let your imagination soar with these handy little clamps.


The Allstar Cleco pliers are top quality and well made. They will last for years. Yes, these Allstar Cleco pliers get 2 thumbs up. You will need a spare Allstar Cleco pliers when working with large panels and 2 people are fitting up a panel. An extra set of Allstar Cleco pliers is a must.

HAOLI Oscillating Saw Blades For Fein Multimaster,Dremel,Bosch Makita,Einhell Skil and More (HL69-1(69pcs))

This was the highest rated set of oscillating saw blades I could find on Amazon at the lowest price. I looked at close to 30 sets of oscillating saw blades before deciding to purchase this set. Why did I buy this set of oscillating saw blades?

For one thing, this set of oscillating saw blades was the most complete. Let’s face it. Every company will offer a set of oscillating saw blades with the less expensive blades, which are not that useful. But with a little ingenuity you can make them more useful. We will get to that later. This set of oscillating saw blades has a number of diamond coated blades I wanted to try. This set of oscillating saw blades had the greatest selection of diamond coated oscillating saw blades I could find. This set also had flat and flexible scrappers, which is what I bought my machine to do.

We have to look at what you want your oscillating saw to do. Are you cutting tile, steel, plastic, wood, drywall, or other material? Oscillating saws are useful for many different projects, limited by your own imagination. I bought my oscillating saw to help scrape paint, rust, dirt, and of course undercoating off car frames to get them ready to repair and paint. Sounds rather odd, but that is why you are reading this article – to get some fresh ideas.


I started going out and spending about $6 a blade to get the job started. The flat and flexible scraper blades seemed to work well on frames and all the stuff they are covered with. We tried the oscillating saw on bondo. It worked well on the few spots we found bondo on car frames, why not try it on the car body. The problem was, no one really does a good job of preparing a car frame to spread on bondo. So the bondo was spread over rust, old paint, undercoating, and of course dirt and grime. Sure, no problem for the oscillating saw blade or scrapper to cut through that stuff. But on the body bondo is applied to prepared steel surfaces with grinder marks or rough sandpaper scratches. The bondo has an exceptional bite. So we applied a little heat and guess what. The bondo comes off with little or no effort. With heat, the bondo comes off so easy, we switched to a putty knife instead of the oscillating saw blades and scrappers. We didn’t want to risk over heating the oscillating saw. By the way, if you use heat, make sure you wear a good set of leather gloves like welding gloves, and of course eye protection. Along with follow all the common sense safety guidelines.

This is not the set I bought but a picture showing another assortment of diamond blades

I did of course open this package of oscillating saw blades, took out a nail and proceeded to do a few experiments. The diamond blades that I thought would cut through a steel nail like butter did cut, but when I looked at the blade, much of the diamond dust hit the floor in the process. Not good. I tried the one and only steel cutting blade in the package. It looked like a hacksaw blade on the end of the oscillating tool. It cut at least twice as quick as the diamond coated blades. I tested 2 of the diamond cutting blades. So I tried one of the 12 full width blades marked for wood and plastic. I chose the one with the finest teeth. It did cut through the nail, but took more time, and the teeth were severely worn. Not all is lost. I don’t plan on cutting a whole lot of bolts with this oscillating saw. But if I need to, it could come in handy. As far as the diamond coated blades. They are designed for ceramic tiles. I don’t do kitchens and bathrooms, so you’ll have to find another review in that field.

Now onto using the oscillating blades you get in the set but don’t have a use for. On rough areas you can use the wood and plastic cutting blades, and they will work as scrappers. You do wear out the teeth on the blades, and eventually turn them into nothing but a scrapper. But with a little imagination you can turn those worn out soft steel blades into useful cutting blades. Have any old hacksaw blades? Cut off the ends of the hacksaw blade that are as sharp as new and weld them on the worn oscillating saw blades. Why not use a little imagination to make those blades work for you? Need a little longer blade. I’m not talking too much longer, but when you are working in tight areas like under a car, a scrapper a half inch longer can come in handy. Cut the attachment end off one blade and weld it to the end of another worn out oscillating saw blade.

Come on now. When you work on restoring old cars, not too many design engineers have been in your position. So design a new tool yourself. See how those common blades you are going to find in any set of oscillating saw blades can be made into something useful.

I almost forgot about the sandpaper. This set has the wide and narrow pads and an assortment of paper. The paper sheets come with the hook and loop quick change system. Having the narrow pads and sandpaper may come in handy one day to get into those tight places. 

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If you think I need more pictures, leave a comment. Pictures take more time, and I have many more products to review. And I do search for the best prices for everything I buy. It is the hunt that matters.


4PCS Rechargeable 18650 Battery Canserin 9800mAh TR 18650 3.7V Li-ION LED FLASHLIGHT 

I use these batteries in flashlights, work lights, and of course I have one of those strap onto your head lights for waking around at night. It’s nice to make sure all the flashlights use the same batteries. It seems no matter which flashlight you choose, they are pretty much the same except for a few features. Let’s face it, if they use the same battery and light bulb, what could be the difference? Little things like a belt clip, magnetic strength on work lights, and how the switch operates. Some have an on off switch. Simple and easy to use. But try and find a simple on-off flashlight these days. They like to put in switches with 3-5 positions. For what? Mostly advertising. Better lights will have switches with chips that allow you to us the on-off feature, and the 3 other positions when or if you ever need them. Cheaper lights will require you to press the button 3 times to turn it off.

Now onto these specific batteries. They took only took a few days to arrive. Shipping was quick. They claim to be 9800mAh which means they should last 2-3 times longer than the other, lower rated batteries I have. I have not noticed a difference. The work lights I use with a long string of LED lights last about 3-4 hours no matter what size battery I put in. Which makes me think these batteries are more like 4000-5000mAh. They work fine, but do not last as long as I expected. For the price, they are good batteries. This may be the lowest priced Rechargeable 18650 Battery on the market. I’ve used and recharged these Rechargeable 18650 Batteries a number of times with no issues for the past few months. At this point the extra 4 Rechargeable 18650 Batteries are enough for me to have a few spares when I need them.


Look for other articles on different flashlights and how they perform. Sign up for updates, like this article, and don’t forget to hit those share buttons.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car, TOMPOL Bluetooth FM Radio Adapter Car FM Transmitter, 5V/3.4A Dual USB Ports Car Charger for iPhone Samsung Android Smartphone, Hands-Free Calling, U-dish MP3 Player

I really don’t know how to rate this one. The concept is easy. It works great when it does pair with the phone. But either this Bluetooth FM transmitter or the phone have an issue. I think it is the phone because other Bluetooth devises have the same problem. They do not want to connect to media. They all work great with the phone, on calls and such, but have issues playing music or sound from videos. I thought I had that problem solved, but it still creeps back every once in a while.

My kid has an Apple phone with no issues. So I think the problem is with Andriod 6. Bluetooth has problems pairing to media such as music and videos. My best solution was to delete the other 6 Bluetooth devices and go with only the 2 I need. That seems to work to a degree.

This actual Bluetooth FM transmitter works fine. Just tune it into a frequency on the radio no one in the area uses, and pair it with your phone. The phone call sound and microphone work better than expected. If the unit does not pair with your phone when you start the car, unplug it for a few seconds and plug it back in.


The unit will plug into your cigarette lighter. (for the older generation. It is the power port for the younger generation.) The display is a good size, easy to see, and controls are easy to use. Once the unit pairs with your phone it knows where your songs are and starts playing them. Most of the time the unit will begin playing music through your car stereo as long as you have your FM dial set to the same radio station you have the Bluetooth FM transmitter set to. It is very simple. If the music does not automatically play, hit the play button for your music app on the phone. You have a volume control in the Bluetooth FM transmitter, the phone, and you car stereo. If you don’t hear the music, check the phone. Every once in a while my phone will turn off the media volume.

The Bluetooth FM transmitter also has a control to go to the next song, or back to the previous song. The unit is nothing fancy but gets the job done. For the price and convenience, this unit it a great choice.

The Bluetooth FM Transmitter also has 2 USB ports. One is a 3.4 amp quick charger that works in phones that allow quick charging. It will adjust to your phone, or whatever you plug into charge. The other USB port is a 2 amp and doubles as a direct USB link to your phone or other media device. In other words, you can link direct to your music via USB and you do not have to use the FM transmitter.

I just checked the price and Amazon is running a sale on this unit. For the price it performs great, and the sound quality is as good as the CD player in the car stereo. Better than the FM radio and no commercials. Enjoy the drive with your own music.

3M Sand Paper Sheet 346U, Aluminum Oxide, 17-1/2 Length x 2-3/4 Width, 60 Grit

In my book 3M is the leader in sandpaper products. It has always been consistent as well as reliable. The search is on for a less expensive replacement, but all I’ve run into is a few disappointments. The 3M sandpaper lasts, does not clog as easily, and overall is the best quality paper money can buy.

You use this 3m sandpaper on a long sanding board, or flat board. I’ve heard them called different names. I just found on a Harbor Freight for about the lowest price I’ve seen in years. The flat sanding board is for bodywork on cars with long, straight surfaces. It is also used in curved surfaces and with a little practice, you can get pretty good at straightening out cars.

60 grit is a rather rough sandpaper. 36 grit is the roughest I’ve used and use it only for the initial cut on bondo surfaces. After 36 grit to get off the really high surfaces, 60 grip is good for clean up, final straightening, and can be used with high build primers. I’ll be doing a review on high build primers later. At least the products I’ve tried.


I will be reviewing other products I bought from Amazon. So hit the FOLLOW ME button, sign up for new update alerts via email, and get all the latest updates. I review on Amazon but have found they can be quite restrictive at times. If I love the product and post a good review, but if I compare their product to one I feel is higher quality, those reviews are rejected. I want to be honest and let people know what works, what doesn’t work, and what works better. The only place I can do that is on my own forum.

Rayovac Platinum Pre-Charged NiMH AA Size Batteries, PL715-4 GEN, 4-Pack

I bought these Rayovac Platinum AA rechargeable Batteries because they cost a little less than the Panasonic, which are rated a little higher. This is my second set of Rayovac AA rechargeable batteries. I’ve noticed little difference between the Rayovac Platinum AA rechargeable Batteries and Panasonic batteries. They both charge at the same rate, last about the same amount of time, and deliver the same power in products you can feel the difference. In the long run, the Rayovac Platinum Pre-Charged NiMH AA Batteries do have a higher mA rating and should hold a charge longer. I’ve owned one set a number of years and that is why I went back to some these as a few extra spare batteries.

I use these Rayovac Platinum AA rechargeable Batteries in everything that takes AA batteries. I use one in my cordless mouse, my camera takes 4 batteries, and of course in flashlights. The lithium batteries are supposed to last for years without loosing a charge. Other sites may be a little more technical in their reviews. I just tell it like it is from my personal experiences.


I will be reviewing other products I bought from Amazon. So hit the FOLLOW ME button, sign up for new update alerts via email, and get all the latest updates. I review on Amazon but have found they can be quite restrictive at times. If I love the product and post a good review, but if I compare their product to one I feel is higher quality, those reviews are rejected. I want to be honest and let people know what works, what doesn’t work, and what works better. The only place I can do that is on my own forum.

Braun Mobile Pocket Shaver M60 Red

If you are looking to buy a new shaver, want to get a quality product at the lowest price, you should check out this electric cordless, battery operated shaver.

This Braun mobile shaver really surprised me. It has a good feel to it, shaves rather close, and best of all, takes 2 AA batteries. I bought a load of AA rechargeable batteries I use in an assortment of products, and this is one of them. The Braun shaver is very powerful, built much better than an off brand I bought a few months ago, and has a better feel than my old Panasonic shaver it is replacing. In the long run, why pay more than what you need when this will work for an everyday shaver?

I tried another really cheap battery operated travel shaver. I gave that a good review because it did shave, it worked well, it was really light weight, and it also used the AA batteries I have. The problem with that shaver was, the head wore through in about 6 months. Obviously it used cheaper steel and was only designed to be used once or twice a year. It was a travel shaver. The under $10 rotary head travel shaver may be a good buy for a once a year travel shaver, but doesn’t touch the quality of the Panasonic or Braun mobile shaver.

The Shaver has an attached folding cover to protect the head if you are traveling. In my humble opinion this will make a great everyday cordless shaver. 

I will be reviewing other products I bought from Amazon. So hit the FOLLOW ME button, sign up for new update alerts via email, and get all the latest updates. I review on Amazon but have found they can be quite restrictive at times. If I love the product and post a good review, but if I compare their product to one I feel is higher quality, those reviews are rejected. I want to be honest and let people know what works, what doesn’t work, and what works better. The only place I can do that is on my own forum.



Electric Grinders

Which electric grinder is right for the job? This is more of an article on finding the right grinder for around the house, garage, and small shop. There are a variety of grinders available in a wide range of prices. Are the expensive electric grinders worth the price? When your income relies on your tools, the choice is obvious. Especially when those tools become a tax deduction. But what about around the house and for those weekend projects? We will look at a number of grinders, stones, cutoff wheels, wire wheels, and other attachments for electric grinders.

There are 2 basic sizes of electric grinders, larger 7 inch and smaller 4 ½ inch grinders. Grinders come in different speeds, have different attachment sizes, and offer different features. First we will look at the different sizes and some of the features.


Electric Grinder Sizes

Let’s start with the 4 ½ inch electric grinders. They are smaller, easier to handle, and have much higher RPM’s. That means they rotate at a much higher speed. There are advantages and disadvantages to higher speed. You have to match the stone or abrasive to the speed. Check stones, etc for speed ratings. The problem with a high speed grinder is, they can tear up a wire wheel in minutes. Not to mention, sending wires all over the place.

The 4 ½ high speed electric grinder come in speeds from about 7000 to 12,000 RPM. Slower speeds are normally found on cordless, battery operated models. There is a little trick to speed. There is an item called a Router Speed Control. You can buy one for under $20 and it will basically give you a 3 speed grinder. You can slow it down for wire wheels, and speed it up for rough stones. If they are rated for high speeds.

4 ½ electric grinders get into some restricted places. There are other choices for restricted areas we will discuss later. Prices vary, but consider how often you will be using to tool.

There is an advantage to economy electric grinders. You can purchase a few and set them up for different operations. Which saves time without having to change stones, wire wheels, etc, when moving from one task to another.

Harbor Freight offers a dependable 4 ½ inch electric grinder for well under $20. They last a long time, and with a good stone, have no trouble with just about anything you would grind. I’ve run a number of them through tests, and they are all still running.

Next up is the 7 inch grinders. Of course these are for larger jobs in open areas. They weigh more and are a bit more difficult to handle. Many 7 inch grinders come with a variable speed option. That can come in handy. The old tried and true Milwaukee 7 inch electric grinders and other brands seem to last forever. They are the choice of professionals as well as companies in many industries. The heavier they are, the more heavy duty they seem to be. Top brands also cost more, but will last the weekend user a life time. Again, check out on line ads and second hand stores for some real bargains. It seems this next generation has little or no interest in the tools dad or grandpa used. So lots of those old grinders wind up in second hand stores, or at the local junkyard. Small towns now have recycling centers where tools like these are taken out of the dumpsters and resold at very low prices. I’ve see it happen.


There are a number of other, smaller grinders, but to keep this article short, I will cover the majority of those in another article about pneumatic tools and grinders.

Dremel and other companies produce very small electric grinding tools. They are more along the hobby range. I don’t have a lot of experience with those, but if you want to add a comment about your favorite tools and grinders, be my guest.

One of the things I’ve noticed about those small electric grinders is they come with a cord, and are now offered as battery powered units. Look at the battery type to make sure it is the newer Lithium batteries, and not the older type that last maybe a year or so.

Grinder Speeds

Many 7 inch electric grinders come with variable speed controls ranging from very slow speeds to up over 8000 RPMs. 4 ½ inch grinders usually begin at about 10,000 RPMs and may go well over 12,000 RPMs. Does speed matter? In a sense it does. For one thing, you have to purchase and install a stone or other implement on the tool that exceeds the speed rating on the grinder. In other words, make sure your stone, wheel, or whatever you put on the grinder is rated for the maximum speed of the unit.

That brings us up to another issue, wire wheels. Wire wheels also have speed ratings. The faster a wire wheel rotates, the faster the wire breaks, is pulled off the wheel or cup, and wears down. Try and use wire wheels at slower speeds. Variable speed 7 inch grinders are best. If you use a wire wheel on a 4 ½ inch grinder, consider buying and using a speed control unit.



Amperage is a measure of the tool’s power, The higher the amperage, the more powerful the tool is. Amperage is also an indication of quality, and how long the tool will last. Higher amps can be a better buy, but do you need the maximum about of amps available? At times you need the power. A good stone will do the job, and you really don’t need to bear down on a grinder to get the job done. Let to stone or wheel do the work for you.


There are a variety of grinding stones and wheels to do a number of tasks. Rough stones are used to grind welds. Welded material is much stronger and harder than most normal metals. Stones come in different shapes and sizes. Thin wheels known as cut off wheels are used for cutting material as well as cutting through welds. Flat wheel are used for larger areas. Make sure the speed ratings on wheels and stones exceeds the maximum speed of the grinder you are using.

The main feature of stones and other attachments you need to pay attention to is the attachment point. 5/8-11 thread is the most popular for 7 inch grinders. Some grinders may come with a metric thread. Make sure the attachments you buy match the thread on your machine.

There are also open or non threaded attachments that use a large flat nut tightened by using a spanner wrench supplied with the grinder. Some wheels are universal fit. Check out all the features. And if you shop on line, read the reviews. You can tell a professional review from a backyard review in seconds. Not all wheels are created equal. Especially wire wheels. Some wire wheels have very good steel that will last a long time. Other wire wheels use cheap steel that shreds the first time you use it. Check the wire diameter. More expensive wire wheels and cups use a thicker wire. You don’t want to buy a wire cup, get half way through the job to find out, the wires are all over the floor. The last thing you want to do is track those wires all over the carpeting in the house. You know when you are going to find them. When you are walking around barefoot. And keep on mind, those wires can and will lodge themselves on your pet’s paws.

Cutoff Wheels

Cutoff wheels have their uses. Mostly for cutting off small object, cutting through rusted bolts, and cutting off welds. Cutoff wheels come in different diameters and thicknesses. Once again check the speed ratings. Also check the write ups on cutoff wheels to make sure they are designed for the material you will be cutting through.


Variable Speed

I can’t find a 4 ½ inch variable speed electric grinder. There are pneumatic die grinders and other grinders available I will cover at a later time. 7 inch grinder are available with built in variable speed control that comes in handy. Many of those are combination grinders/polishers. I’ve had a lot of luck with the lower priced Harbor Freight model. I also tried the router speed control that seems to work as a three speed control switch. Harbor Freight offers an extended warranty, but do you really need that if you plan on using it 2-3 times a year?


I can’t cover all the safety warnings here, but read the manual that comes with the machine. Here are a few common sense ideas you should follow.

Clean and double check your work area to make sure you are not going to bump into or get tangled up in anything. Especially the cord. Know where your cord is an how you plan on moving the grinder before you begin. Also look at where the sparks will be flying.

Wear eye protection, That us a given. Check out the full face masks available. Check the ratings on all eye protection gear.

Wear leather gloves. The newer gloves made from nylon will melt when sparks fly in them. By the time you are done you will have a nylon glove full of holes.

Clean up the floor and work area. You don’t want to be dragging grinder dust through the house or have children or pets walking through it.

Always be safe, take your time, and be safety conscience.

As always, if anyone has a copyright conflict, contact me on the DCMA Notice on top and I will take that information down.

My First Month with Internet Ads

I have to admit, trying to deal with Internet ads is a learning experience. At times, dealing with WordPress is like communicating in another language. Of course you have to know a little about HTML to get a few things done on your website. But for the most part, there are apps called plugins that get the job done for you. Most are free, and easy to install. That was one of the first things I had to learn before beginning my first month with Internet ads. One of the first things to learn is how to add plugins.

Not too many people who really know how to use a computer know how to explain step by step details. There are two ways to add a plugins.

The easiest way is to go to your admin website. When you are in the Dash Board, adding a new page or post, or just about anything, there is a column on the left in black. Hover the mouse courser over the PLUGINS. Then click on ADD NEW.

When the new window opens, there will be a number of suggestions below. You can look at those, if you wish. But the best way to find what you are looking for is to go to the little SEARCH window near the top on the right. Enter in whatever you are looking for and suggestions show up.

If you want to add a plugin to display ads on your website, enter AD INSERTER in the search screen. Hit enter and the choices pop up for you to choose from. Look at the ratings and don’t be afraid to try something different. I’m not sure what the other plugins will do. I chose to install Ad Inserter and stick with that plugin.

When you decide to install a new plugin, click on the INSTALL button and the plugin will install for you.

Click the ACTIVATE button and you are done. That’s it. Simple enough.

Now comes the problem. I just installed a new plugin and where is it? You can go to PLUGINS, click on the INSTALLED section, locate the plugin you just added, it opens up, but there is nothing there to do with the plugin. And seldom any instruction. Now what happens

I’m sure a lot of people get that sinking feeling. Look on the black column on the left. Some plugins will add themselves to the side bar. Some won’t. This can be confusing and frustrating. But wait! There is a simple answer.

Hover your mouse courser over SETTINGS in that black column. Look for the new plugin there. If you see it, click on it. A new window opens, and in most cases, the layout is self exploratory.

In this example, I am going to look at Ad Inserter. A new page opens, and you see a window to paste in your ad code. Each ad company is a little different, and I will go through a few later.

There is a set of tabs on top of the screen to paste your ad code. Pick a blank screen, paste in the code. CTRL V will paste. That is Control V, which is a keyboard short cut. Otherwise, right click the mouse button and choose PASTE.

There are a few choices to make on the screen, You can choose which pages and posts to display the ads. Click on the pages you want the ads to appear, and you can also choose which pages, posts, etc to omit ads. You can play around with location your ad will be displayed, look at your website, and see which setting looks best. That is one aspect I have to experiment with more. But so much to do and so little time.

Once you’re done, click on the SAVE ALL SETTINGS, and in a few minutes you’ll see ads on your website. And with a little luck, make some money. Now here is an important announcement.

Don’t click on ads on your own website. The ad companies all know the IP address of your computer and phone and know when you click on your own ads. The ad companies treat everyone like a criminal, and they are sure to let you know when they see you clicking on your ads. The thing is, they do not pay you for clicking on your own ads, they will not pay your IP address for a click, they have computers set to omit that click, but they still don’t like you clicking in your ads.

That really frustrates me to no end. I am in the Real Estate business and I’ve see people ripped off by so called, “Real Estate Investment Websites.” I was advertising with Google for a while. When I saw those ads pop up, I clicked on the site, and when they offered that free video for Real Estate Investment, I went to my Google page and took that ad off my site. A few hours later a similar ad connecting to another website popped up. It had the same exact same pages and videos, but on a website with a different name.

The question I have is, don’t have the right and responsibility to review and weed out harmful and misleading ads? Shouldn’t that be part of the plan? What are those ad companies trying to hide when it is forbidden for the site owner to review ads?

Well now it is time to review a few of the ad companies I’ve worked with in my first month.


So far Google is the king of on line advertising. I must get 20-30 phone calls a week from people trying to put my sites on the top of a Google search, sell me Google ads, so on and so forth. For one thing, I am in both Real Estate and selling Christian books. I cannot hope to compete with the big Real Estate websites, brokers, and businesses for the top spot on a Google search. Those spots are open for bidding. And I am not about to bid against giants. The same is true in Real Estate and the religious world. Churches and preachers bid for the top spots on Google searches. Enough about buying from Google. Let’s look at taking a piece of that pie.

Google offers the best terms, layouts for ads, and is the only ad company that places a sense of control in the hands of the website owner. I can look at ads, not the sites, but the ads, and either accept or reject the ad. To me that is golden.

Google offers the highest pay per click. I was getting from $.40 to over $1 a click. Ads are focused on the viewing habits of the visitor. People have told me, the ad on my site offered a much lower price for the item they were looking for than the sites they were shopping on. That is the cutting edge of marketing.

Go to Google Adsense, create an account, copy the code and use Ad Inserter on WordPress to put the ads into your website. It is as easy as that. Google has no minimum traffic restrictions. Overall, Google is the best I have tried.

There is a page on Adsense to approve or reject ads. That is something I have not seen offered by anyone else. The set up is easy to use on Adsense. The reports are straight forward. But then I wonder why the numbers on Adsense do no match the numbers on Google Analytics on WordPress, nor the numbers on my Inmotion reports page.

I wish I could tell you more about this company. It is the ad arm of Bing and Yahoo. The problem is, they require a minimum of 50,000 views a month and I am not close to that. You can look at their website, but they take about a week to reply to a request, and like I said, if you are not over 50,000 views a month, you are wasting your time.


I tried Chitika for a few weeks They only put up two ads on my site. Maybe a third from time to time. Not very interesting ads. The ads were easy to add to my site using Ad Inserter. The problem was, I never received a single click.


I thought Infolinks was going to work. Their ad selection is limited. It required a special plugin installed on WordPress, but was easy to work with and the reports were easy to read. The problem was, the only ads they showed were paid based on 1000 views. I was making between $.01 and $.05 a day. Hardly worth the effort. Ads are very limited. They also place ads all over the web pages in the form of different colored words containing a hyperlink. And here is the catch.

I was in the bank talking to the loan officer about putting information about his bank on my website. He clicked on a few ads. Infolinks didn’t credit me with any clicks. How Infolinks pays is a mystery. All of a sudden his screen went blank and a window pops up with a voice telling him his computer system has a virus and call this 800 number to clean it up. Talk about embarrassing. That was the max. Needless to say, within the hour all ads and information from Infolinks was off my website. I will not allow that to happen again.


By far, Clicksor was the worst experience. They hijacked my website taking me all over the Internet no matter what I clicked or did. Stay away from this ad company especially if you are running a Windows system. I run Linux, so they didn’t get on my computer. It did take me over an hour to finally get around the way they rerouted my browser and get into my WordPress account to delete all the Clicksor information. Do a quick search on Clicksor virus before you enter their dark world.

I did check into a few other ad companies. Some do not deal with Real Estate or religion. Others never responded to my on line application. In the long run, try Google. I am sticking with them and I’ll see how that goes. But be careful. Look up company reviews on the Internet, and remember, you really don’t know who wrote those reviews. All you really know for sure is, there is a lot of money behind this ad business. I learned a lot of lessons in my first month with Internet ads. Feel free to share what you have learned. I’m sure we will appreciate it.