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This is a section with featured stories on what happened Today in History that helped shape America. There are also stories about what happened around the world today in history. All of the stories are good food for though. Leave your comments and let people know what you are thinking. This is a collection of short stories by date on what happened today in history. The stories on concise, and include sources. I hope you enjoy this section and reading the stories as much as I do. You can sign up on the the site, for updates. Help spread the word.

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Ez1 Variable Commission Rate

What is a Variable Commission Rate? Your Real Estate property is as unique as you are. Do you buy clothes, shoes, or gloves in One Size Fits All? Of course you don’t. What you pay for, you expect to find that perfect fit and style. Ez1 Variable Real Estate Commission Rate is tailored to fit Home Sellers with a basic understanding of what it takes to sell a home. You spend time and money to prepare your house for sale and you should be rewarded. Why demand to full price or overpriced commission on the sale of a house that has been well cared for, exceptional, in demand, and shall we call it, “an Ez Sale”?

In the Real World Home Sale Commissions should be based on a number of factors.

  • Current Market
  • Location
  • Condition
  • Features
  • Inclusions
  • Incentives

Factors should determine the commission you pay to sell your house.

Ez1 Variable Commission Rate takes those factors into consideration to determine the best rate to benefit both you, and me, the Real Estate Agent of your choice.

Let’s talk. Call or E-mail me from the CONTACT LINK.

Email Spam How to Avoid It

One of the worst aspects about the Internet is all that spam email. In Real Estate it seems we are targets for spam emails, especially those containing viruses. Major viruses usually hit major banks for some reason. Since real estate agents deal with banks on a day to day basis, that may be one of the reasons. Let’s talk about Internet and email security.

I use Thunderbird as an email server program. They are very good at identifying spam email and viruses attached to emails. Thunderbird has an option I use. I take the spam email address and have everything from that address dumped into the junk folder. I must have 300 addresses in that system.

I found out a few years ago how I was loosing customers. I used gmail as an email account for some time. But as soon as I buyers were getting close to writing an offer, some other agent would jump in, knowing how much the buyer was qualified to borrow and a few details about what they were looking for. Put 2 and 2 together and what do you come up with? Internet thieves.

Some Real Estate Agents advertise on websites with search engines for people to search for homes. I’ve paid for advertising on those sites. They send agents leads, information on buyers looking for homes. Sounds good on the surface, but where do those websites get their information from?

Every lead I ever received from those websites was a customer I was already working with. How did those companies get the buyer’s information? From the emails we exchanged. I sent them out using gmail at the time, which is like sending out emails for anyone to read. Gmail sells your emails off to anyone with a nickle.

Once I noticed the patterns, looked at some information on the Internet, and asked the company exactly where they got their leads from, the answer was shocking. Leads are collected from unidentified overseas sources. What is that? I envisioned a guy in Russia sitting around in his underwear with a program that intercepts, and scrubs emails looking for information to sell. Then I thought, what about ISIS? They use the Internet to recruit people. They are so advanced in computer software, no government can trace their location, and neither can anyone else. The government went to Google, the experts on tracing computers. The best minds in the world can’t find where ISIS is operating from.

Whose to say ISIS is not selling information to real estate advertising companies. That threat was enough for me to drop all the Internet advertising and lead generation services.

Back to emails. I can communicate with most businesses in the real estate industry with no problems. Some title companies are very advanced in security as are most banks. I only use my secured server email address, which is very difficult to intercept. Everything is safe until we get close to the closing. Most customers use gmail, yahoo, and other free email services. The moment I sent them closing statements for review, my email is flooded with all kinds of spam emails containing some of the worst viruses in the world. I get emails from all over the world. You have to know how to identify where the email was sent from. I know the local offices I work with do not have information sent from overseas. I have to know what is legitimate and what is spam, and what is a virus. These days I have to explain to people, bring the check to the closing. Do not send any money to anyone without first checking with me. Free email services may sound great, but they are public information and have to be treated as such. You have to be extra careful these days. Explaining Internet security has become a part of the services Real Estate Agents should be discussing with their clients.

Another security flaw I’ve seen is texting. Read the agreement in you texting app on your phone. They can collect and sell all the information in your texts and on your phone, That’s why I do not use my phone for email. Some agents want me to text them the lock box number for a house I am listing. NEVER! I will never take that risk. I talked to some people about making a law forbidding agents from sending lock box information using text messages. All I get back is, everyone does it. Well not me. I take my clients security and confidentiality seriously.

Craigslist Scam 2017

It seems that Craigslist scam is alive and well. It is simple. Someone overseas looks through Craigslist ads for homes. They pick a few for sale, copy everything, and place it in the rental section. Um, sounds like copyright infringement. The person overseas, and at time in the US, sets a drop dead rental price. Rent an entire house with a garage for only $400 a month. Well someone is going to answer that ad. And the scammer will find people to wire him money.

They want a few months rent and a security deposit. Usually about $2000. I used to put my listings on Craigslist. All I got was headaches, and threats.

A few years ago someone copied an ad I had on houses for sale and set up a rental ad on Craigslist. Well someone wired the scammer $2000. The scammer told the guy to call the number on the sign to get the keys. So I get a call asking for the keys. I explained how the scam worked. But the guy tells me he is coming after me for either the keys or his money. Well low and behold, this is not a victim-less crime when someone is threatening to shoot you.

I called the police. They wouldn’t do anything. I called the Realty Association attorney. It took a long time to explain that one to them. I also called the FBI. We tried to get Craigslist to take the ad off the Internet. We went on a 4-way conversation via phone, myself, the attorney, the FBI agent, and the owner of Craigslist. After telling Craigslist the problem, and asking him to remove the ad, his comment was, “freedom of speech. Sue me.” And hung up. Well the attorney and FBI agreed, there was nothing anyone could do.

I no longer advertise on Craigslist. There is no need to place a listing on Craigslist, and endanger yourself, expose people to scams, and also endanger the seller’s family. Today the MLS listing service sends all listings to dozens of websites. Craigslist is not included for obvious reasons. As soon as I add a listing to the local MLS, that listing goes all over the world. It is part of marketing today.

Then there is a problem with some of those sites. I looked at a listing on one of those sites today. They were using outdated pictures. They added the listing, but not the updates. I guess you have to check those websites. But there may be a hundred of them, and their sites are not what I would consider user friendly. It is difficult to find out how to change your own listing, and I had to change pictures one at a time.

Well the Internet has come a long way. A simple program would tell Craigslist when information is being copied and placed in other ads. That would help protect a lot of people. But that takes a bit of know how, planning, and money.

Foreclosure Fees in the Current Real Estate Market

In today’s Real Estate market there is an ever increasing amount of web sites displaying foreclosed homes for sale. The most popular sites are: , the official HUD web site offering government owned foreclosures, and , offering Fannie Mae foreclosures.


Many independent, unauthorized web sites use the HUD and Homepath names to lure unsuspecting Buyers. Once on these sites potential Buyers are bombarded with high pressure sales pitches. Eventually these sites ask for money in the form of fees or monthly membership plans. They do not supply any information you cannot get for free on any of the free sites available. EZ1REALTY SEARCH offers one of the most comprehensive search pages available. You also have the option to request automatic E-mail updates targeting properties with the features, price, and location you are looking for. This service not only saves you time, it is free. You can sign up from this site.


In addition to the official web sites and knock off sites, a third type of site is beginning to appear and compete in today’s Real Estate Online Market. This new type of site offers online auctions. Care should be taken whenever bidding at any auction. The most important factor to remember is an auction does not provide the protection included in state approved Real Estate contracts. In other words, BUYER BEWARE! For information on auctions and risks involved, see the official Waukesha County Sheriff web site:

Pay attention to conditions of the sale which provides a list of factors to consider before getting involved in the auction process.

The successful bidder, upon full payment of the bid, will receive a Sheriff’s Deed. This deed may not give clear title to the property. In order to obtain a clear title one must satisfy all superior liens and encumbrances. If a purchaser does not complete the sale, he can be held liable for his deposit, and for all losses and expenses.”

Some of these on line auction sites do not use Wisconsin licensed Auctioneers. Therefore, they do not follow Wisconsin law regarding auctions, which means they do not provide disclosures required by Wisconsin law. For more information see a qualified Real Estate Attorney. Risks are involved.

HUD and Homepath continue to shift costs to Buyers. HUD will pay minimal amounts in Title and transfer fees which normally cost $800 or more. There may be additional costs and fees disclosed at closing. HUD and Homepath will require Buyers to pay these fees before transferring title. These fees may include, special transfer fees, technology fees, closing fees, re key fees, and other miscellaneous fees. Buyers should expect to pay between $1000 and $2000 of additional fees and costs at closing above and beyond the contracted price. Based on current trends, future fees may apply.

Digital Hearing Amplifiers Qty 2 ( Modern Blue ) 500hr Battery by Britzgo BHA-220D – 1 Year Warranty!!

I bought this set of these hearing aids or amplifiers for a friend. They actually work fine. The digital hearing amplifiers made a difference right away. In one example, we heard a bird more than 100 feet away. She just put in the digital hearing amplifiers less than a half hour ago. The day before she would have not heard that bird. Because the digital hearing amplifiers opened a new world to her, she said, “someones phone is ringing.” She thought the bird was a ring tone.


It makes a big difference when you don’t have to always face someone and talk in a louder tone of voice. Now she hears fine and has been adjusting the amplification down a bit. The digit hearing amplifiers are easy to use and adjust. They come complete with batteries and are ready to go. I know a few other people who could use these digital hearing amplifiers and I will be suggesting them.

Tried and True Real Estate Investment

What is it with Real Estate Buyers today? Working with them day in and day out, I find most Buyers want to get everything they want in the first purchase. What ever happened to planning and moving up in Real Estate? I worked with an engineer about 20 years ago who worked out a plan to get his dream home and it worked. He got it with a very small mortgage he planned on paying off in five years. This is how he did it.

20 years ago interest rates were high and Real Estate sales were slow. So he had to make wise choices. It doesn’t take much to figure out what people are looking for and buying. As with most people, he purchased a starter home. In those days starter homes were the typical 1000 square foot home built in the 1950’s. They are all around the city, available in all locations. After he purchased it he of course updated the entire home. After a year he put it on the market and sold it for a profit. He covered the original purchase price plus the cost of improvements. He moved up to the next size home, over 1200 square feet. Doing the same updates, he put it on the market and sold it for another, larger profit. This gave him a good sized down payment for the next 1500 square foot home, which would have been good enough for most people. Instead, he followed his plan to update this home and sell it. This time he had enough profit to buy a home for cash and do away with the need for a mortgage. Instead he built his first home. Building a home opens the door to adding in a certain amount of sweat equity. Painting, staining and doing a number of other tasks to complete the home save thousands. Building a home usually shows an instant profit. Landscaping and installing a paved driveway also add value. Once the house was complete, he moved his family in and put it up for sale. This time the sale showed a huge profit. It was time for his final move. He paid cash for the best lot available and built the house of his dreams, large enough for his family and where they wanted to live.

The plan took him more than five years but when it was complete, he had the same mortgage he started out with. His mortgage was the same as a starter home, but now he was paying it on a much more expensive home, the one he really wanted. His plan was to pay that mortgage off in 5 years.

This is an easy plan to follow. All you need to do is begin by investing in a neighborhood you are comfortable with. The beauty of this plan is, it works in any market. In a Buyers market, which is usually a slower market, prices usually fall. But look at it in simple terms. Look for a starter home you can purchase in the $60,000 price range and resell in the $100,000 price range. Updates should be held to about $10,000 or less. What does that leave you with? A profit of about $20,000 to $25,000. Not a bad income for a year of work in your spare time. Now in a bad market, don’t forget, prices fall quicker in higher price ranges. Prices also recover slower in higher price ranges. In a good market you may have sold the $100,000 home for $110,000 or maybe $125,000. But look at the next move in a slow market. Your next purchase is going to be for a home in the $150,000, resale value range. In a down market the $150,000 price may drop to $120,000 to $135,000. In reality you are purchasing a larger, finished home with a large down payment. If you plan on moving up from there, of course you will look for another home requiring updates. So, you are not going to pay top price for the home. Homes that need updating may be $20,000 more than the price of the starter home, but what you are doing is using the profit as a down payment so your mortgage is the same, but now you have a larger home.

Of course the same applies in a Seller’s market with prices on the rise. You can sell for a higher price, but your next purchase is of course going to cost you more. A down market can work to your advantage better in a down market, but it still helps in an up market. When it comes time to build your dream home, lots will cost less in a down market and it is much easier to work with builder competing for business. Few people consider these details. I wander why.

Maybe the Internet blurred this vision. There are so may sites making promises they have no way of keeping. Those sites have no way of knowing your local market. Most of the advice they give is incomplete. They slant information for a reason. Those sites want you to buy into their system. Those sites may charge for on line courses. Most of their courses contain a small amount of common sense information loaded down with a ton of hype, like buying a home for $1000 and reselling for $100,000. Those sites fail to show you the work required to accomplish any goal. What is the cost of updating? How are you going to pay for updating? Those sites fail to share what happens behind the scene. Foreclosed homes are sold by highly motivated, highly trained asset companies. Asset companies compete for business from banks. They live or die on obtaining the highest market price for every sale. Asset companies employ people full time to assess local markets on a continual basis. Asset companies know local markets thousands of miles away better than most people living in those areas. The only way you can compete is to gather the same information they use. It is a simple process that requires a minimal amount of time when you invest in neighborhoods you are already familiar with.

Another motive those Internet sites selling dreams has concerns volume. Some of those sites invest a ton of money into Internet advertising to stay onto of search results. A company called Google showed the world how to build a fortune on nickles and dimes. A click here and there, they all add up. Now companies think nothing of paying dollars for leads. When those Internet companies collect your information they can sell and resell it to companies willing to pay big bucks for a lead. Like it or not, your contact information can be sold and resold. Looking for a home? There are dozens of companies willing to pay for your email address. Figure it out for yourself. If those Internet companies selling all that hype on Real Estate investment sell your information for a $1 to $5 how much are they making when they have a list of companies waiting to purchase your information? Now multiple that by thousands. Ever hear the saying, “information leads to success?” It takes on a whole new meaning in this information age.

Now which plan do you feel more comfortable with? The plan that works in any market, or a plan sold on hype? The market has changed. The Internet investment sites still play the same videos using prices from 5 years ago. They also fail to tell you the truth about the market. The cheapest homes need the most amount of work. The cheapest homes are also located in depressed areas loaded with foreclosed properties with little hope of recovery. When the work is complete, the house if still located in and area showing little or no recovery. This is why knowing the local market is the key to success. Getting the right reports is so important.

Cordless Led Work Light, JIRVY Portable Rechargeable COB Led Flashlight Super Bright 3W Flood Light Torch with Magnetic Stand for Car Repairing, Workshop, Garage, Camping, Emergency Lighting (Large)

I’d like to say I was completely satisfied with this light. A cordless work light is great thing to have whenever working on, especially under a car. The magnetic base holds onto any piece of steel. You can place the light where you want it and shed concentrated light where you need it. The cordless work light is especially good when welding. The self darkening welding helmet is tinted which makes it difficult to see in low light. This cordless work light sheds enough light on the project to clearly see with a automatic darkening welding helmet on, but it is not bright enough to darken the welding helmet.

The cordless work light is rechargeable via a common USB cord. It charges in a few hours and provides a good 3-4 hours of light. The end swivels, making it possible to direct light where you need it.


The problems with this light are, the unit has to be charged when it runs out of battery life. That means you are without the light for a few hours. The magnet holds onto steel surfaces, but is not as strong as it should be. The switch is a 3 position switch, hi, low, and a one cell light on the end. You have to press the button once to turn it on hi. To turn it off you have to press it again to go to low, again to turn on the little light on the end, and once more to turn the light off.

Harbor freight has a more expensive cordless work light that has a longer LED light bulb, a stronger magnet, and a switch that turns off in one click. The Harbor fright light is a better cordless work light, but is more expensive. This light makes a great backup light, and is worth the money, but should have been engineered a little more to be a great cordless work light. The Harbor Freight cordless work light also has a replaceable battery you can switch out in a minute. All you have to do is buy the 18605 batteries and a charger for them. It seems like quite and investment, but well worth it when you consider all the advantages. Like I said, this rechargeable light from Amazon is a great light to try for the price. If you find yourself using a cordless work light on a daily basis, check out the Harbor Freight model.


Bluetooth Not Connecting to Media

Having problems with your Bluetooth device connecting to media, in other words, playing music or listening to videos? My Bluetooth would not connect to media. I searched the Internet for Bluetooth not connecting to media. It seems like a wide spread issue. Why would your Bluetooth work one day then the not connect to media the next day? These seems to be the issues.

Bluetooth works fine then

Bluetooth Not Connecting to Media

Bluetooth connects to phone, but not media

Bluetooth takes longer to pair

Pairing is often lost

Settings in Bluetooth are both checked, Phone and Media

I finally had it with the problem. I looked back to see that changed, and came up with the solution. I just added a new Bluetooth connection to the car that plays music through the car radio. It took a while to pair. Worked fine for a few days, then everything went wrong. My regular Plantronics M165 stopped playing media and then took a long time to connect. The M165 would pair, then disconnect, and often not pair again. It seemed to be getting worse.

The Solution

I took all my Bluetooth devices off my phone. It is a Blu R1 Plus running Android 6. I added the Plantronics M165 and it worked fine. A few days later I added the car Bluetooth device. It paired the first time and after a few days still works fine.


The Problem

The problem seems to be in the operating system when you have too many Bluetooth devices paired to the phone. The system paired with one device, then tried to pair other devices. I’m not sure why, but when I had 6 Bluetooth devices connected to my phone, the media option went out the window.

Try disconnecting, which means deleting Bluetooth devices you really don’t need and add the devices you use one at a time. Give each one a few days. There may be a conflict between devices. Who know? All I know is this solution worked for me.

Sheboygan County Real Estate Commission Sale

Are you looking for a new home? My little nitch in Real Estate is to find the prefect home outside the city with enough land to stretch out in, and maybe a few buildings on the side to set up for those special projects. If you are looking for a little hobby farm, like large gardens in your yard, want to have a few horses, or just want a larger yard near or outside the city, let’s get looking and get you settled in that new home. If building a new home is your dream, let’s find you that land with the perfect view, and start going over details and get a few bids on building that new house for you. There are little tricks and secrets we need to go over to make sure you are getting the highest possible quality at the best local price.

In most cases, you will have a house to sell. Let’s take a look at what the market has been doing over the past few months in the area you live. It doesn’t matter what the Real Estate market has been doing in the nation, state, a vast range covering a quarter of Wisconsin, all of Sheboygan county, or the entire city or town you live in. What natters is, how have houses been selling in your local area, what prices have they been selling at, and what condition were they in? The local market is what you set the price of your home at.

So we look at the local prices, get a good idea of what your house is worth, and know there are a number of fine homes you want to consider. All the pieces are falling into place. Now what do you do? We go through all the legal, boring paperwork, get the house cleaned up for pictures, do a great write up that is sure to attract buyers, and throw the information all over the Internet. There is that one little question people either ask first or save for last. What is this going to cost? There are a number of costs involved in selling a house. There is a special state tax on selling any property. There are title costs, charges and fees from the Title Company, and a few other costs. I have a list. My job is to give you an estimate of costs involved, and over estimate that cost a little bit so you are surprised on the good side when you get your check at closing. The biggest cost is usually paying off the old mortgage. And a few fees some banks charge to rubber stamp the mortgage as PAID. And there is that commission people pay to have a Real Estate Agent, market, sell your house, and of course keep all the paperwork in proper order. That is the reason for this article.

Why pay the average or normal commission rate around town? You didn’t get in this position to look at a new home by giving your money away. Why start when it’s time to sell that house of yours? I’m not afraid to talk about commission or the other costs involved in selling your house.

The market is rather slow these days and drastic times call for drastic measures. I have signs that need a home to set in front of. That’s why I am going to offer a 4.5% commission rate here in Sheboygan county. 4.5% commission to sell your house is not a cut rate commission that includes cuts on service. No, that would never be right. 4.5% is my personal Sheboygan County Real Estate Commission Sale. The same product at a lower price. That’s why it is a 4.5% Sheboygan County Real Estate Commission Sale! Does it include the same great and reliable service?

If you went in to buy a car, and you walk into one of the car dealers sales, would you expect the same car with all the same features at the best possible price? Of course you would. You wouldn’t expect the car dealer to swap put a smaller engine, or include only 3 tires at the sale price. That would never work. You expect to drive away in the new car that was a few thousand dollars more yesterday. The same thing is true with this 4.5% Sheboygan County Real Estate Commission Sale. The same quality service at a reduced price.