Sheboygan County Real Estate Commission Sale

Are you looking for a new home? My little nitch in Real Estate is to find the prefect home outside the city with enough land to stretch out in, and maybe a few buildings on the side to set up for those special projects. If you are looking for a little hobby farm, like large gardens in your yard, want to have a few horses, or just want a larger yard near or outside the city, let’s get looking and get you settled in that new home. If building a new home is your dream, let’s find you that land with the perfect view, and start going over details and get a few bids on building that new house for you. There are little tricks and secrets we need to go over to make sure you are getting the highest possible quality at the best local price.

In most cases, you will have a house to sell. Let’s take a look at what the market has been doing over the past few months in the area you live. It doesn’t matter what the Real Estate market has been doing in the nation, state, a vast range covering a quarter of Wisconsin, all of Sheboygan county, or the entire city or town you live in. What natters is, how have houses been selling in your local area, what prices have they been selling at, and what condition were they in? The local market is what you set the price of your home at.

So we look at the local prices, get a good idea of what your house is worth, and know there are a number of fine homes you want to consider. All the pieces are falling into place. Now what do you do? We go through all the legal, boring paperwork, get the house cleaned up for pictures, do a great write up that is sure to attract buyers, and throw the information all over the Internet. There is that one little question people either ask first or save for last. What is this going to cost? There are a number of costs involved in selling a house. There is a special state tax on selling any property. There are title costs, charges and fees from the Title Company, and a few other costs. I have a list. My job is to give you an estimate of costs involved, and over estimate that cost a little bit so you are surprised on the good side when you get your check at closing. The biggest cost is usually paying off the old mortgage. And a few fees some banks charge to rubber stamp the mortgage as PAID. And there is that commission people pay to have a Real Estate Agent, market, sell your house, and of course keep all the paperwork in proper order. That is the reason for this article.

Why pay the average or normal commission rate around town? You didn’t get in this position to look at a new home by giving your money away. Why start when it’s time to sell that house of yours? I’m not afraid to talk about commission or the other costs involved in selling your house.

The market is rather slow these days and drastic times call for drastic measures. I have signs that need a home to set in front of. That’s why I am going to offer a 4.5% commission rate here in Sheboygan county. 4.5% commission to sell your house is not a cut rate commission that includes cuts on service. No, that would never be right. 4.5% is my personal Sheboygan County Real Estate Commission Sale. The same product at a lower price. That’s why it is a 4.5% Sheboygan County Real Estate Commission Sale! Does it include the same great and reliable service?

If you went in to buy a car, and you walk into one of the car dealers sales, would you expect the same car with all the same features at the best possible price? Of course you would. You wouldn’t expect the car dealer to swap put a smaller engine, or include only 3 tires at the sale price. That would never work. You expect to drive away in the new car that was a few thousand dollars more yesterday. The same thing is true with this 4.5% Sheboygan County Real Estate Commission Sale. The same quality service at a reduced price.

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Additional Items to Consider When Building a New Home

After the initial cost of building your new home is determined, you need to budget for additional costs required to finish the home/lot package. Following is a list of some of the costs to consider.


Before you begin laying a lawn you may want to plan where you are going to plant flower and vegetable gardens. It will save you a lot of work and a little bit of money if you stake and rope off these areas when applying seed or sod. You may also want to apply a few extra inches of top soil to these areas. When looking for plants search the Internet for landscaping ideas and mail order suppliers. Here are a few I have used.



You may want to use a professional contractor for this service. Make sure you ask for references and view some of the projects they have installed in your area. Ask neighbors which contractor they used. Ask for prices and written estimates. Unless you have specific plans it will be difficult to obtain comparable quotes. Contractors will quote plants they are familiar with and plants their suppliers have in stock.

Lawn sprinkler System

It is best to plan for a sprinkler system before the home is finished. Collect estimates for this addition and ask questions. Many firms will quote you a package price that may include top soil, final grading and seeding or sod. If estimates include different options, go back and have them supply a new written quote including the options you want. That way you are comparing quotes on a level field.

Top soil

If possible have the top soil mounded when the site is prepared for construction. It is often less expensive to pay for the mounding than have the top soil replaced after construction. Mounding means that the top soil is scrapped from the site and stored in a mound which is out of the way of the construction site. After the construction is completed the top soil is spread back over the lot. If this is not done, you may have to purchase top soil. It will have to be trucked in and later spread out on the lot during the final grading.

Final grading

This may or may not be included in your construction cost. Many builders include rough grading. Rough grading spreads the mounds of soil from the basement around the lot to promote proper drainage of rain water away from the house foundation. Final grading spreads the top soil on the lot preparing it for grass seed or sodding.

Grass seeding or sodding



Few builders include this in the cost of construction but some builders provide what is referred to as a, “turn key house.” A term meaning, “all you need to do after closing is turn the key, unlock the door and move in.” Most turn key homes include seeding. If your contact does not, this is another cost you have to allow for. Before applying seed most contractors will go over the soil with a machine that turns up the top few inches creating a habitat for seed or sod to root. You may be able to rake a small lot. On a larger lot you may be able purchase or build an attachment for a lawn tractor. Search the Internet for some ideas on preparing the soil, adding fertilizer, watering and the best time of the year to start a new lawn.

Driveway concrete or asphalt?

A lot has been stated about the durability of each product. The fact is you have to find a good contractor that will do the job right for either one of them to last. Preparing the surface under the pavement is the key to success. Both products will last much longer when a layer of stone is installed under the pavement. This promotes proper drainage and reduces damage from freezing and thawing water. Asphalt surfaces will require compacting of the stone before the pavement is applied. The better the preparation the longer the driveway will last.

Typically asphalt will be less expensive. As for the durability of asphalt, look at the roads you drive on. The quality of asphalt has improved over the years to a degree equal to or better than concrete. Most new and rebuilt roads are paved with asphalt. Parking lots also use the same material.

Some people prefer concrete. It is known for it’s durability and low maintenance. Concrete can increase the resale value of your home. More contractors are offering different colors and patterns. Concrete patios and driveways can become a work or art using multiple colors and patterns.

Mail box and yard light

This is one detail you want to take care of before or soon after moving in. Some subdivisions require you to purchase these items from the developer, preferring that all the mail boxes and yard lights be of the same style. If you are buying the lot from the developer you should get all of the details on the subdivision regulations. The price and details of these items should also be disclosed on the offer to purchase. If you are buying a lot from a third party you should question these details. You may want to have the electrician installing the electronics in the home to also install the yard light. This may be a detail to discuss with your builder.


Many subdivisions require a certain type of tree at a specific size be planted at a specific location in the front yard. This information should be disclosed in the subdivision regulations. You may also want to plant additional trees and shrubs. These can be expensive. Visit a number of nurseries, talk to people and gather prices and information about the trees that interest you. Look up when you plant. Make certain that trees will be far enough from the house so that when it is mature, 50 years down the road, it will not be a problem. Branches should not cover the roof. Make sure you are not planting trees under power lines. Call diggers hot line to make sure you are not digging the hole where power lines or gas pipes are located.


You will need insurance on a home during the construction process. Your builder may require specific coverage.


Some of the other details to consider are electricity and natural gas or other heating. The house will need these services during the construction process. Register with the post office for your change of address when you move. Also contact the phone company to install service. Cable installation for television and computer or satellite installation.


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Thank you Agents for your reply. When we all work together, we can all be more effieient. Here is a short Showing Report form with pull downs and a space to leave comments. If you have any great news about an offer, or any questions, feel free to call me.

Dennis Herman


Showing Report
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Why Select me to Help You Sell Your Real Estate

Contact Now

Selling your home can be a complex process. As a seasoned listing agent, I will help you with the entire home selling process. As your listing agent, I will help you get the best price for your home and help sell it in the fastest possible time frame.

Selling a home here in Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Cedar Grove, Elkhart Lake, Plymouth, West Bend, or any other area means a comprehensive plan must be in place. If you select me as your listing agent, I will:

  • Provide you with a free home valuation to help determine your home’s current market value.
  • Review comps in the area to show you what is happening in Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Cedar Grove, Elkhart Lake, Plymouth, Menomonee Falls, Sussex, Lannon, Milwaukee,  Germantown, Brown Deer, and surrounding Sheboygan County, WI areas.
  • Point out obvious or potential issues with your property that may be a concern with inspectors, appraisers, and lenders. Prepare for possible questions and delays. 
  • Negotiate on your behalf to receive the most money for your property and home.
  • Network with other real estate professionals here in Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Cedar Grove, Elkhart Lake, Plymouth, Menomonee Falls, Milwaukee, Brookfield, Germantown, Brown Deer, and surrounding Sheboygan County, WI areas as well as throughout other relevant areas to find the perfect buyer for your home.
  • Arrange showings of your home that work in conjunction with your schedule.
  • Advise you how to best prepare your property for potential buyers to view.
  • Engage in a comprehensive advertising campaign to give your home the ideal amount of exposure.
  • Utilize technology including my personal web site to showcase your property to other real estate agents along with potential home buyers.
  • Work with you through the complex paperwork and legal issues that can impact the sale of your home.
  • Represent you in a manner that is both professional and a little old fashion for this day and age.
  • Tailor the sale of your home according to its unique features.
  • Make certain you get all the paperwork required to sell your property on time, in the correct order, and you understand every step in the process.
  • Provide you copies of all the paperwork and forms.
  • Answer every question, or refer you to the correct professional source.
  • Answer my phone when you call, or call you back as soon as I am able to. 

I’m a little surprised I have to list some of those features today. But good, reliable service seems to be a thing of the past. I may be a little old fashion in some areas, but I’ve been using and designing uses for computers back when they were the size of a room. Computers are a tool, not a replacement for a personality. 


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