Allstar Performance ALL18220 Cleco Plier

These piers are great when you want to hold a piece of sheet metal to a surface to either rivet or weld in place. They are used in the aircraft industry to hold metal sheets in place for pop rivets. Of course you need the Cleco clamps also. Those are in another article. You can also use Clecos to hold sheet metal panels to a car body to weld, line up, check fit, and many other uses. Let your imagination soar with these handy little clamps.


The Allstar Cleco pliers are top quality and well made. They will last for years. Yes, these Allstar Cleco pliers get 2 thumbs up. You will need a spare Allstar Cleco pliers when working with large panels and 2 people are fitting up a panel. An extra set of Allstar Cleco pliers is a must.

How to List a Home for Sale

I do a lot of Buyer counseling, telling Buyers the step by step process to purchase their first home. Not many people ask me what to do when they want to sell a home. After conducting a number of searches I found a number of active listings with no pictures, some with no description and a few with the same copied and pasted description. I don’t know why people don’t ask what it takes to List a home for sale. Maybe they think they already know. Maybe people think it’s an easy process. Maybe people think it doesn’t matter who they List their home with — they may think all Real Estate Agents know what to do and are all the same. Well not all Agents are as dedicated or professional as others when it comes to Listing a house for sale. Here is a list of a few qualifications to consider.



Experience can be a factor, but it doesn’t take 1000 listings to figure out how to do a great job of Listing a home for sale. It takes imagination, dedication, and communication. Figure it out yourself. An Agent with 100 active listings has a greater chance of letting details fall through the cracks than an Agent with 10 active listings.


This is the one that really irritates me. I see so many Listings with few, no, or poor pictures. Photography is an art. Pictures not only show pride of ownership, but pride in the work of the Agent.

Write UP:

Let’s face it, many Real Estate Agents are poor writers. Here again, the description should be designed to capture the attention of Buyers, as well as inform them of the outstanding features they are buying.


It happens – call to set an appointment – wait – call back – leave another message – check the data sheet to find out – this Agent only replies to text messages or email. Is this really the image you want to place on your house when its for sale – dealing with an Agent whose too busy to be bothered with a phone call to schedule a showing appointment? It doesn’t happen often but it does. A good Agent will communicate with you by letting you know how many views your house had on major websites, call you when a showing is set, keep you updated on what the market is doing, and other major details.

Open Houses:

Are they really worth the time or effort? It all depends on timing and available buyers in the price range. Then you, the seller has to determine if it’s worth the extra time and cleaning to prepare a house for an open showing. Few houses actually sell from open houses. Buyers like to have a sense of control – show me the house at my convenience.

Listing a home for sale is as easy as locating a qualified, licensed Real Estate Agent and making sure they understand the importance of providing the following services.

  • Great Communication

  • Great Pictures

  • Great Write Up

  • Market Reports

  • Showing Set Up

  • Showing Reports

  • Explaining the details of an Offer to Purchase

  • Explain closing costs and estimated proceeds

  • Follow up with scheduled tasks

  • Communicate with the Selling Agent

  • Schedule the closing

  • Final Closing

Foreclosure Fees in the Current Real Estate Market

In today’s Real Estate market there is an ever increasing amount of web sites displaying foreclosed homes for sale. The most popular sites are: , the official HUD web site offering government owned foreclosures, and , offering Fannie Mae foreclosures.


Many independent, unauthorized web sites use the HUD and Homepath names to lure unsuspecting Buyers. Once on these sites potential Buyers are bombarded with high pressure sales pitches. Eventually these sites ask for money in the form of fees or monthly membership plans. They do not supply any information you cannot get for free on any of the free sites available. EZ1REALTY SEARCH offers one of the most comprehensive search pages available. You also have the option to request automatic E-mail updates targeting properties with the features, price, and location you are looking for. This service not only saves you time, it is free. You can sign up from this site.


In addition to the official web sites and knock off sites, a third type of site is beginning to appear and compete in today’s Real Estate Online Market. This new type of site offers online auctions. Care should be taken whenever bidding at any auction. The most important factor to remember is an auction does not provide the protection included in state approved Real Estate contracts. In other words, BUYER BEWARE! For information on auctions and risks involved, see the official Waukesha County Sheriff web site:

Pay attention to conditions of the sale which provides a list of factors to consider before getting involved in the auction process.

The successful bidder, upon full payment of the bid, will receive a Sheriff’s Deed. This deed may not give clear title to the property. In order to obtain a clear title one must satisfy all superior liens and encumbrances. If a purchaser does not complete the sale, he can be held liable for his deposit, and for all losses and expenses.”

Some of these on line auction sites do not use Wisconsin licensed Auctioneers. Therefore, they do not follow Wisconsin law regarding auctions, which means they do not provide disclosures required by Wisconsin law. For more information see a qualified Real Estate Attorney. Risks are involved.

HUD and Homepath continue to shift costs to Buyers. HUD will pay minimal amounts in Title and transfer fees which normally cost $800 or more. There may be additional costs and fees disclosed at closing. HUD and Homepath will require Buyers to pay these fees before transferring title. These fees may include, special transfer fees, technology fees, closing fees, re key fees, and other miscellaneous fees. Buyers should expect to pay between $1000 and $2000 of additional fees and costs at closing above and beyond the contracted price. Based on current trends, future fees may apply.

What is my home or property worth?

I hear that question a lot. What we want to do is look at similar properties in the same area. Simple right. It may sound simple, but don’t be fooled by computer generated reports concentrating on zip codes. Properties on the other side of a zip code, or city could have a far different value. Computers are great, but they have not seen your house, and only know what people put into them. Some things still need the human touch. In technical terms the report is called a CMA. The computer helps arrange the report, but the properties should not be chosen by a computer. That is where I come in, and often times separate myself from the pack.

The easiest way to receive free marketing information for your neighborhood. To receive a free Comprehensive Marketing Analysis (CMA) for your property simply call me and answer a few simple questions about your house. All I need is an address, number of bedrooms, baths, garage spaces, and I can look up the rest of the information. You should receive your information via E-mail within 48 hours. There is no obligation and your information will not be shared with any other parties. Free, quick, confidential and reliable information from your locally licensed Real Estate Broker.

The information you will receive compares properties within a 4 to 6 block radius from your home and will include active and sold listings available on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The details you provide and actual market conditions will determine how closely the comparable units are to your home.

In addition to single family homes, this free service is also available for duplexes, condos, multi family apartment buildings, and commercial property.

Rent to Own or Rehab to Retail

Finding a home has just become easier. Now there are two new options for you to choose from.

Rent to Own or Rehab to Retail.

Both options are designed to make the home buying process for qualified home buyers a simple and enjoyable process. Only a few easy steps are involved.

1. Pre-qualify

Once you have been pre-qualified you will know exactly how much home you can afford.

2. Look for a home.

You will work with a professional Real Estate Agent who will guide you through the search process.

3. Price the updates.

A team of contractors will provide pricing for any updates you may require.

4. Agree on a final sale price.

When a purchase price and remodeling upgrade have been agreed to, the home will be purchased, remodeled and ready for to move in as little as 3 weeks.

Call for additional details 414-426-1784.

Digital Hearing Amplifiers Qty 2 ( Modern Blue ) 500hr Battery by Britzgo BHA-220D – 1 Year Warranty!!

I bought this set of these hearing aids or amplifiers for a friend. They actually work fine. The digital hearing amplifiers made a difference right away. In one example, we heard a bird more than 100 feet away. She just put in the digital hearing amplifiers less than a half hour ago. The day before she would have not heard that bird. Because the digital hearing amplifiers opened a new world to her, she said, “someones phone is ringing.” She thought the bird was a ring tone.


It makes a big difference when you don’t have to always face someone and talk in a louder tone of voice. Now she hears fine and has been adjusting the amplification down a bit. The digit hearing amplifiers are easy to use and adjust. They come complete with batteries and are ready to go. I know a few other people who could use these digital hearing amplifiers and I will be suggesting them.

Tried and True Real Estate Investment

What is it with Real Estate Buyers today? Working with them day in and day out, I find most Buyers want to get everything they want in the first purchase. What ever happened to planning and moving up in Real Estate? I worked with an engineer about 20 years ago who worked out a plan to get his dream home and it worked. He got it with a very small mortgage he planned on paying off in five years. This is how he did it.

20 years ago interest rates were high and Real Estate sales were slow. So he had to make wise choices. It doesn’t take much to figure out what people are looking for and buying. As with most people, he purchased a starter home. In those days starter homes were the typical 1000 square foot home built in the 1950’s. They are all around the city, available in all locations. After he purchased it he of course updated the entire home. After a year he put it on the market and sold it for a profit. He covered the original purchase price plus the cost of improvements. He moved up to the next size home, over 1200 square feet. Doing the same updates, he put it on the market and sold it for another, larger profit. This gave him a good sized down payment for the next 1500 square foot home, which would have been good enough for most people. Instead, he followed his plan to update this home and sell it. This time he had enough profit to buy a home for cash and do away with the need for a mortgage. Instead he built his first home. Building a home opens the door to adding in a certain amount of sweat equity. Painting, staining and doing a number of other tasks to complete the home save thousands. Building a home usually shows an instant profit. Landscaping and installing a paved driveway also add value. Once the house was complete, he moved his family in and put it up for sale. This time the sale showed a huge profit. It was time for his final move. He paid cash for the best lot available and built the house of his dreams, large enough for his family and where they wanted to live.

The plan took him more than five years but when it was complete, he had the same mortgage he started out with. His mortgage was the same as a starter home, but now he was paying it on a much more expensive home, the one he really wanted. His plan was to pay that mortgage off in 5 years.

This is an easy plan to follow. All you need to do is begin by investing in a neighborhood you are comfortable with. The beauty of this plan is, it works in any market. In a Buyers market, which is usually a slower market, prices usually fall. But look at it in simple terms. Look for a starter home you can purchase in the $60,000 price range and resell in the $100,000 price range. Updates should be held to about $10,000 or less. What does that leave you with? A profit of about $20,000 to $25,000. Not a bad income for a year of work in your spare time. Now in a bad market, don’t forget, prices fall quicker in higher price ranges. Prices also recover slower in higher price ranges. In a good market you may have sold the $100,000 home for $110,000 or maybe $125,000. But look at the next move in a slow market. Your next purchase is going to be for a home in the $150,000, resale value range. In a down market the $150,000 price may drop to $120,000 to $135,000. In reality you are purchasing a larger, finished home with a large down payment. If you plan on moving up from there, of course you will look for another home requiring updates. So, you are not going to pay top price for the home. Homes that need updating may be $20,000 more than the price of the starter home, but what you are doing is using the profit as a down payment so your mortgage is the same, but now you have a larger home.

Of course the same applies in a Seller’s market with prices on the rise. You can sell for a higher price, but your next purchase is of course going to cost you more. A down market can work to your advantage better in a down market, but it still helps in an up market. When it comes time to build your dream home, lots will cost less in a down market and it is much easier to work with builder competing for business. Few people consider these details. I wander why.

Maybe the Internet blurred this vision. There are so may sites making promises they have no way of keeping. Those sites have no way of knowing your local market. Most of the advice they give is incomplete. They slant information for a reason. Those sites want you to buy into their system. Those sites may charge for on line courses. Most of their courses contain a small amount of common sense information loaded down with a ton of hype, like buying a home for $1000 and reselling for $100,000. Those sites fail to show you the work required to accomplish any goal. What is the cost of updating? How are you going to pay for updating? Those sites fail to share what happens behind the scene. Foreclosed homes are sold by highly motivated, highly trained asset companies. Asset companies compete for business from banks. They live or die on obtaining the highest market price for every sale. Asset companies employ people full time to assess local markets on a continual basis. Asset companies know local markets thousands of miles away better than most people living in those areas. The only way you can compete is to gather the same information they use. It is a simple process that requires a minimal amount of time when you invest in neighborhoods you are already familiar with.

Another motive those Internet sites selling dreams has concerns volume. Some of those sites invest a ton of money into Internet advertising to stay onto of search results. A company called Google showed the world how to build a fortune on nickles and dimes. A click here and there, they all add up. Now companies think nothing of paying dollars for leads. When those Internet companies collect your information they can sell and resell it to companies willing to pay big bucks for a lead. Like it or not, your contact information can be sold and resold. Looking for a home? There are dozens of companies willing to pay for your email address. Figure it out for yourself. If those Internet companies selling all that hype on Real Estate investment sell your information for a $1 to $5 how much are they making when they have a list of companies waiting to purchase your information? Now multiple that by thousands. Ever hear the saying, “information leads to success?” It takes on a whole new meaning in this information age.

Now which plan do you feel more comfortable with? The plan that works in any market, or a plan sold on hype? The market has changed. The Internet investment sites still play the same videos using prices from 5 years ago. They also fail to tell you the truth about the market. The cheapest homes need the most amount of work. The cheapest homes are also located in depressed areas loaded with foreclosed properties with little hope of recovery. When the work is complete, the house if still located in and area showing little or no recovery. This is why knowing the local market is the key to success. Getting the right reports is so important.

Art of Short Sales

Working with short sale properties has become an art. I have written offers to purchase dozens of homes, contingent upon lender approval, in other words, a short sale. Less than one out of twelve has successfully closed. Why? Because the bank with the lien on the property never approved the short sale.

I have witnessed a lot of blame pointed at the banks, rather than the agencies, who process short sales for the banks. They claim it takes a long time, or the agency never responds. I’ve heard my share of excuses on some sales, and I’ve seen Real Estate Agents jump through the right hoops to make the sale a success. There is a great difference between choosing the right Real Estate agent and the wrong agent for the job.

I have also listed a number of short sales. I have been in the position of supplying, what seems like a never ending stream of paperwork to bank affiliates. I know the process takes a large amount of time, patience, and attention to detail. This is why I know short sales require a highly dedicated and motivated agent.

Following is a brief list of the information required to initiate the process of a short sale.

Comparable Market Assessment (CMA) to estimate value

Search and Hold / Title Report

Listing Questionnaire Regarding Title Issues

Net Sheet to project Seller’s Proceeds / Deficits

Mortgage terms and conditions

Forbearance agreements to temporarily suspend loan payments

Repayment plans with the Seller’s Lender(s)

Loan Modification

Refinancing with the Seller’s lender

Listing Contract and Addendum SSL

Seller authorization to negotiate with Seller’s Lender(s)

Pay Studs and W-2 forms

Bank statements

Financial Statements

Cash Flow Analysis

Hardship Letter

As you can see by the above list, short sales require a large amount of paperwork. The main reason most short sales fail is due to incomplete or missing forms. Unless the Lender has a complete file, there is no chance of proceeding to the next level.

Be aware, entering into a short sale requires disclosure of sensitive financial documents. For this reason it is important to deal only with local, state licensed individuals with fiduciary duties. This means, they have license agreements with the state, agreeing to safeguard your personal information. Many Internet web sites will do nothing more than gather your personal information and sell it to anyone willing to pay.

Before considering a short sale, talk to a local HUD authorized agency. These agencies are experts in the field. These services are often free. More than 80% of their clients have lost money on Internet scams before contacting them.

I have no problem admitting my limitations. I do list homes for short sales when I am working with a Seller who is motivated and organized.. I have also worked with a number of agents specializing in short sales in Milwaukee, Menomonee Falls, Brown Deer, Greenfield, West Allis, Franklin, Oak Creek, Hales Corners, Germantown and other parts of Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Washington Counties. I would be happy to talk with you about your situation, and begin the initial process. Once we have gathered all the facts, and exhausted possible options, I will make a recommendation for the agent whom I feel is best equipped to handle your particular situation.

A Great Coffee

Imagine buying a new home. The first thing you want to do is wake up and have a great cup of coffee on that first morning. The question is, how do you make a great coffee at home? There are a few tricks to follow.

People go out and spend a lot of money on coffee these days thinking they can’t make that great coffee at home. There is one little trick that can turn any cup of coffee into a great cup of coffee. Use a little condensed milk in your coffee. It has to be sweetened condensed milk. About a half of teaspoon will do. That is the base. Now we can go from there.

Like chocolate coffee? Use a good brand of hot cocoa in your coffee. There are brands with different flavors to choose from. That is one option. Another is to buy a good brand of hot cocoa, add the sweetened condensed milk to your coffee, a teaspoon or so of hot cocoa mix, and then some artificial flavoring. Just a drop or two will do. I use mint, raspberry, and a mixture of caramel and coconut to make the coffee taste like a really great macaroon cookie. Take a look at the available flavors and let your imagination soar.

Now you have the basics to make a great cup of coffee. You don’t need to go out and spend a fortune, wait in line, or even leave the house. Now that is living.


Feel free to leave your favorite recipe in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to get all the latest updates.

HAOLI Oscillating Saw Blades For Fein Multimaster,Dremel,Bosch Makita,Einhell Skil and More (HL69-1(69pcs))

This was the highest rated set of oscillating saw blades I could find on Amazon at the lowest price. I looked at close to 30 sets of oscillating saw blades before deciding to purchase this set. Why did I buy this set of oscillating saw blades?

For one thing, this set of oscillating saw blades was the most complete. Let’s face it. Every company will offer a set of oscillating saw blades with the less expensive blades, which are not that useful. But with a little ingenuity you can make them more useful. We will get to that later. This set of oscillating saw blades has a number of diamond coated blades I wanted to try. This set of oscillating saw blades had the greatest selection of diamond coated oscillating saw blades I could find. This set also had flat and flexible scrappers, which is what I bought my machine to do.

We have to look at what you want your oscillating saw to do. Are you cutting tile, steel, plastic, wood, drywall, or other material? Oscillating saws are useful for many different projects, limited by your own imagination. I bought my oscillating saw to help scrape paint, rust, dirt, and of course undercoating off car frames to get them ready to repair and paint. Sounds rather odd, but that is why you are reading this article – to get some fresh ideas.


I started going out and spending about $6 a blade to get the job started. The flat and flexible scraper blades seemed to work well on frames and all the stuff they are covered with. We tried the oscillating saw on bondo. It worked well on the few spots we found bondo on car frames, why not try it on the car body. The problem was, no one really does a good job of preparing a car frame to spread on bondo. So the bondo was spread over rust, old paint, undercoating, and of course dirt and grime. Sure, no problem for the oscillating saw blade or scrapper to cut through that stuff. But on the body bondo is applied to prepared steel surfaces with grinder marks or rough sandpaper scratches. The bondo has an exceptional bite. So we applied a little heat and guess what. The bondo comes off with little or no effort. With heat, the bondo comes off so easy, we switched to a putty knife instead of the oscillating saw blades and scrappers. We didn’t want to risk over heating the oscillating saw. By the way, if you use heat, make sure you wear a good set of leather gloves like welding gloves, and of course eye protection. Along with follow all the common sense safety guidelines.

This is not the set I bought but a picture showing another assortment of diamond blades

I did of course open this package of oscillating saw blades, took out a nail and proceeded to do a few experiments. The diamond blades that I thought would cut through a steel nail like butter did cut, but when I looked at the blade, much of the diamond dust hit the floor in the process. Not good. I tried the one and only steel cutting blade in the package. It looked like a hacksaw blade on the end of the oscillating tool. It cut at least twice as quick as the diamond coated blades. I tested 2 of the diamond cutting blades. So I tried one of the 12 full width blades marked for wood and plastic. I chose the one with the finest teeth. It did cut through the nail, but took more time, and the teeth were severely worn. Not all is lost. I don’t plan on cutting a whole lot of bolts with this oscillating saw. But if I need to, it could come in handy. As far as the diamond coated blades. They are designed for ceramic tiles. I don’t do kitchens and bathrooms, so you’ll have to find another review in that field.

Now onto using the oscillating blades you get in the set but don’t have a use for. On rough areas you can use the wood and plastic cutting blades, and they will work as scrappers. You do wear out the teeth on the blades, and eventually turn them into nothing but a scrapper. But with a little imagination you can turn those worn out soft steel blades into useful cutting blades. Have any old hacksaw blades? Cut off the ends of the hacksaw blade that are as sharp as new and weld them on the worn oscillating saw blades. Why not use a little imagination to make those blades work for you? Need a little longer blade. I’m not talking too much longer, but when you are working in tight areas like under a car, a scrapper a half inch longer can come in handy. Cut the attachment end off one blade and weld it to the end of another worn out oscillating saw blade.

Come on now. When you work on restoring old cars, not too many design engineers have been in your position. So design a new tool yourself. See how those common blades you are going to find in any set of oscillating saw blades can be made into something useful.

I almost forgot about the sandpaper. This set has the wide and narrow pads and an assortment of paper. The paper sheets come with the hook and loop quick change system. Having the narrow pads and sandpaper may come in handy one day to get into those tight places. 

Add your comments at the end of this page if you want to share your ideas. And of course share this article if you think it is worth it. And don’t forget to sign up for updates on this site. I’m not in the business of collecting email addresses and I’ll never sell them.

If you think I need more pictures, leave a comment. Pictures take more time, and I have many more products to review. And I do search for the best prices for everything I buy. It is the hunt that matters.