Finally a site trying to make America a better country. I don’t know about you, but I am weary of hearing complaints and no one wants to roll up their sleeves to do a thing about – anything. This doesn’t seem like much, but this is an idea that should work. That is if people get behind it. If this fails, it only shows why Congress feels like they can do anything and we are really powerless to do anything about it. Visit today and let your voice be heard. If no one else does it, at least you showed you still care about America.


Vote on Bills

Voting on these Bills allows your voice to be heard all the way to Washington D. C. Once we accumulate a number of votes, the results will be sent to Congress. Our hope is to turn the tide in Congress by getting elected representatives to vote the will of the People.

You can also see a list of Bills to Vote on in the Category Drop Down located on Posts throughout this website. A Category Drop Down is also located near the bottom of every Page.

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Today in History

This is a section with featured stories on what happened Today in History that helped shape America. There are also stories about what happened around the world today in history. All of the stories are good food for though. Leave your comments and let people know what you are thinking. This is a collection of short stories by date on what happened today in history. The stories on concise, and include sources. I hope you enjoy this section and reading the stories as much as I do. You can sign up on the the site, for updates. Help spread the word.

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