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Ez1 Realty is proud to announce a new and exciting move. Ez1 Realty has now joined Crossroads Real Estate. This move came about through considerable thought and planning. Key ingredients in the decision included:

  • A market base concentrating on small town living and values
  • A commitment to service
  • The Highest Standard of Ethics
  • Networking within the community
  • Networking with top professionals in Real Estate
  • Experience

Too often the term, “independent contractor,” is taken to the extreme. Although Real Estate Agents and Brokers are structured under the concept of an independent contractor relationship as defined by the State of Wisconsin, that does not mean every man and woman for themselves. Some offices operate on a rather strange view of the term, “independent contractor.” Here is your license. There is your car. Now go out and sell.

When we look at the concept of new home construction, we see a team of independent contractors coming together at the right time to fulfill their part of the job. When one contractor fails, the project fails, and the homeowner suffers. Not many people possess all the skills required to construct a house from the ground up. Then why do some Real Estate offices assume their Agents can take on every role in Real Estate sales from beginning to end and still provide the quality service the public deserves? If sales only involved existing single family homes, independent agents could excel. But Real Estate consists of a wide variety of properties from single to multifamily units, investments, commercial property, business property, land, and of course, new home construction.

Success requires teamwork in every facet of the Real Estate business. Real Estate Agents are of course individuals. Each has his or her own skills and areas they excel in. What makes a good team and a great office? Cooperation consideration, dedication, the willingness to share skills, training, experience, time, and above all things, placing the customer first in every transaction.

Leave the term, “independent contractor,” where it belongs. With the dictionary, law makers, and tax collectors. When it comes to providing the public with the very best level of professional service, the term independent has to check itself at the door. Every Real Estate transaction requires dedication, communication, a confident and informed group of team players, and perfect timing. Individual Real Estate Agents can and will get the job done. But the right people working on the right team can and will take the Real Estate Sales business to the next level.

Before you begin the home buying or selling process, you owe it to yourself to see what Home Town Realty offers. Don’t forget the investment level, new home construction, commercial property, business property, and land purchases, as well as sales. Real Estate is all about making the community grow.

Contact Crossroads Real Estate to discuss your Real Estate needs.

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New Home Construction Consultation

Trying to decide between buying a new home and an existing? There is more to consider than the price on the surface. Both options may contain hidden costs. Following is a list of factors to consider.

  • Price

  • Options

  • Potential resale value

  • Taxes

  • Equity

  • Potential maintenance costs

  • Cost of improvements to an existing home

  • Size of the home or square footage. Compare the same size homes.

  • The age of the home plays a part in the actual value. Would you pay more money for a newer home?

  • Does the layout of the home fit your lifestyle?

  • What type of improvements may have to be done to an existing home?

Building a home gives you the opportunity to add the features that are important to you. This is true for the inside of the home as well as the outside. The kitchen is the most important room in the house for many people. Often plans can be changed on paper at little or no extra cost which can make the kitchen area into a dream kitchen. Modifications can also be made to the garage area, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.. You may decide to build a house that includes some of today’s more energy efficient features. You can choose your own flooring, counter tops, light and plumbing fixtures and room colors. You can decide how much money to spend and what areas to invest the money in. Even the outside landscaping. If you like to garden you can reserve a spot for that using your own specifications. You can plant the trees, the type and location you will appreciate in the years to come. You can add a watering system and any other number of options that are available to you. The choices may be endless. The hardest decision is what features can I include in my new home.

Contact me for a free copy of questions to ask about building a new home and information on how to begin. Changes during the construction process can be costly. You could save thousands of dollars by making certain all of the details are agreed to before signing a contract with a builder. I can give you a list of details that will tell you how to avoid most of these complications and help keep your final costs in line.