Milwaukee and the Great Depression 

Milwaukee and the Great Depression

It worked once during the great depression, why wouldn’t it work again? During the great depression Milwaukee developed a plan. In stead of setting up the soup kitchens and feeding people day to day the County of Milwaukee created programs that put people to work. Among these projects was the creation of America’s greatest public parks system, including Alfred Boerner’s botanical gardens.

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Milwaukee embarked upon projects like Grant Park along the lake shore, County Stadium, the County Zoo and others.


At first the country looked at these projects with scorn and ridicule, calling them a waste of money. It did not take long for other cities, states and the federal government to take notice of the first city in the United States to emerge from deficit spending to a city collecting more taxes than what was necessary to fund these enormous projects during the great depression.

Our elected representatives need to study history and find out how our forefathers defeated the last depression. Why not copy a system proven by trial and error and finally success during the bleakest economic turn down in the history of this world?

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