My First Month with Internet Ads

I have to admit, trying to deal with Internet ads is a learning experience. At times, dealing with WordPress is like communicating in another language. Of course you have to know a little about HTML to get a few things done on your website. But for the most part, there are apps called plugins that get the job done for you. Most are free, and easy to install. That was one of the first things I had to learn before beginning my first month with Internet ads. One of the first things to learn is how to add plugins.

Not too many people who really know how to use a computer know how to explain step by step details. There are two ways to add a plugins.

The easiest way is to go to your admin website. When you are in the Dash Board, adding a new page or post, or just about anything, there is a column on the left in black. Hover the mouse courser over the PLUGINS. Then click on ADD NEW.

When the new window opens, there will be a number of suggestions below. You can look at those, if you wish. But the best way to find what you are looking for is to go to the little SEARCH window near the top on the right. Enter in whatever you are looking for and suggestions show up.

If you want to add a plugin to display ads on your website, enter AD INSERTER in the search screen. Hit enter and the choices pop up for you to choose from. Look at the ratings and don’t be afraid to try something different. I’m not sure what the other plugins will do. I chose to install Ad Inserter and stick with that plugin.

When you decide to install a new plugin, click on the INSTALL button and the plugin will install for you.

Click the ACTIVATE button and you are done. That’s it. Simple enough.

Now comes the problem. I just installed a new plugin and where is it? You can go to PLUGINS, click on the INSTALLED section, locate the plugin you just added, it opens up, but there is nothing there to do with the plugin. And seldom any instruction. Now what happens

I’m sure a lot of people get that sinking feeling. Look on the black column on the left. Some plugins will add themselves to the side bar. Some won’t. This can be confusing and frustrating. But wait! There is a simple answer.

Hover your mouse courser over SETTINGS in that black column. Look for the new plugin there. If you see it, click on it. A new window opens, and in most cases, the layout is self exploratory.

In this example, I am going to look at Ad Inserter. A new page opens, and you see a window to paste in your ad code. Each ad company is a little different, and I will go through a few later.

There is a set of tabs on top of the screen to paste your ad code. Pick a blank screen, paste in the code. CTRL V will paste. That is Control V, which is a keyboard short cut. Otherwise, right click the mouse button and choose PASTE.

There are a few choices to make on the screen, You can choose which pages and posts to display the ads. Click on the pages you want the ads to appear, and you can also choose which pages, posts, etc to omit ads. You can play around with location your ad will be displayed, look at your website, and see which setting looks best. That is one aspect I have to experiment with more. But so much to do and so little time.

Once you’re done, click on the SAVE ALL SETTINGS, and in a few minutes you’ll see ads on your website. And with a little luck, make some money. Now here is an important announcement.

Don’t click on ads on your own website. The ad companies all know the IP address of your computer and phone and know when you click on your own ads. The ad companies treat everyone like a criminal, and they are sure to let you know when they see you clicking on your ads. The thing is, they do not pay you for clicking on your own ads, they will not pay your IP address for a click, they have computers set to omit that click, but they still don’t like you clicking in your ads.

That really frustrates me to no end. I am in the Real Estate business and I’ve see people ripped off by so called, “Real Estate Investment Websites.” I was advertising with Google for a while. When I saw those ads pop up, I clicked on the site, and when they offered that free video for Real Estate Investment, I went to my Google page and took that ad off my site. A few hours later a similar ad connecting to another website popped up. It had the same exact same pages and videos, but on a website with a different name.

The question I have is, don’t have the right and responsibility to review and weed out harmful and misleading ads? Shouldn’t that be part of the plan? What are those ad companies trying to hide when it is forbidden for the site owner to review ads?

Well now it is time to review a few of the ad companies I’ve worked with in my first month.


So far Google is the king of on line advertising. I must get 20-30 phone calls a week from people trying to put my sites on the top of a Google search, sell me Google ads, so on and so forth. For one thing, I am in both Real Estate and selling Christian books. I cannot hope to compete with the big Real Estate websites, brokers, and businesses for the top spot on a Google search. Those spots are open for bidding. And I am not about to bid against giants. The same is true in Real Estate and the religious world. Churches and preachers bid for the top spots on Google searches. Enough about buying from Google. Let’s look at taking a piece of that pie.

Google offers the best terms, layouts for ads, and is the only ad company that places a sense of control in the hands of the website owner. I can look at ads, not the sites, but the ads, and either accept or reject the ad. To me that is golden.

Google offers the highest pay per click. I was getting from $.40 to over $1 a click. Ads are focused on the viewing habits of the visitor. People have told me, the ad on my site offered a much lower price for the item they were looking for than the sites they were shopping on. That is the cutting edge of marketing.

Go to Google Adsense, create an account, copy the code and use Ad Inserter on WordPress to put the ads into your website. It is as easy as that. Google has no minimum traffic restrictions. Overall, Google is the best I have tried.

There is a page on Adsense to approve or reject ads. That is something I have not seen offered by anyone else. The set up is easy to use on Adsense. The reports are straight forward. But then I wonder why the numbers on Adsense do no match the numbers on Google Analytics on WordPress, nor the numbers on my Inmotion reports page.

I wish I could tell you more about this company. It is the ad arm of Bing and Yahoo. The problem is, they require a minimum of 50,000 views a month and I am not close to that. You can look at their website, but they take about a week to reply to a request, and like I said, if you are not over 50,000 views a month, you are wasting your time.


I tried Chitika for a few weeks They only put up two ads on my site. Maybe a third from time to time. Not very interesting ads. The ads were easy to add to my site using Ad Inserter. The problem was, I never received a single click.


I thought Infolinks was going to work. Their ad selection is limited. It required a special plugin installed on WordPress, but was easy to work with and the reports were easy to read. The problem was, the only ads they showed were paid based on 1000 views. I was making between $.01 and $.05 a day. Hardly worth the effort. Ads are very limited. They also place ads all over the web pages in the form of different colored words containing a hyperlink. And here is the catch.

I was in the bank talking to the loan officer about putting information about his bank on my website. He clicked on a few ads. Infolinks didn’t credit me with any clicks. How Infolinks pays is a mystery. All of a sudden his screen went blank and a window pops up with a voice telling him his computer system has a virus and call this 800 number to clean it up. Talk about embarrassing. That was the max. Needless to say, within the hour all ads and information from Infolinks was off my website. I will not allow that to happen again.


By far, Clicksor was the worst experience. They hijacked my website taking me all over the Internet no matter what I clicked or did. Stay away from this ad company especially if you are running a Windows system. I run Linux, so they didn’t get on my computer. It did take me over an hour to finally get around the way they rerouted my browser and get into my WordPress account to delete all the Clicksor information. Do a quick search on Clicksor virus before you enter their dark world.

I did check into a few other ad companies. Some do not deal with Real Estate or religion. Others never responded to my on line application. In the long run, try Google. I am sticking with them and I’ll see how that goes. But be careful. Look up company reviews on the Internet, and remember, you really don’t know who wrote those reviews. All you really know for sure is, there is a lot of money behind this ad business. I learned a lot of lessons in my first month with Internet ads. Feel free to share what you have learned. I’m sure we will appreciate it.

In Real Estate, I use my computer everyday. I look for the best free products that work, are easy to use, and are stable. Not to mention, do not add unwanted features to my computer. The following products I have used, tested, customized, and found they work.

Best Computer Products for Free

I have to start this list with Linux, the Ubuntu system. I’ve been on Windows since the old DOS system, but changes and the agreement on Windows 10 forced me to change. I don’t know about you, but I like to get my computer working the way it should, and leave it that way. We are in the day and age of forced updates. Unfortunately, most of those updates introduce things we don’t want on our computers, better, more efficient spy-ware, passed off as a feature that will enhance your Internet experience. Linux has the only answer I know of for that. No one can add anything to your system without the proper key. You are in control of updates, and you make the decisions. That is not to say Linux is perfectly safe. Watch out for what you add to your computer. Browsers add features that share your browsing experience. Other programs can add other spy-ware features. I hear Apple computers are also rather safe, but I never tried an Apple computer.

Linux is great if you know a few basics about programming. If you can work with simple codes, you are good to go. There is one minor hang up with Linux. Many programmers assume everyone knows programming and the step by step procedure. Some programmers assume you can fill in the blanks, and that can confuse a beginner. Or should I say, a beginner can get lost, confused, and frustrated. It happened to me a few times. On the other side of the coin, with a little searching, you can find an article with the proper code on the screen you can copy and paste, and the step by step procedure to get the code installed.

Linux offers some of the best products over a wide range of programs. To edit pictures, Linux offers a number of choices. Gimp was made to work wit Linux, and is easy to install. And it is one of the most powerful photo editing programs for free.

The Linux installation includes a word processor that is one of the best in the business. Libre Office is powerful, easy to set up, customize, and best all free, and well supported by Internet articles. I love to write, and as you can see, I have a number of books published. Libre Office is very similar to Open Office and a lot better than any Word program from Windows. Libre comes with the Linux, Ubuntu installation and is easy to customize.

Linux has a CAD program I want to work with, but didn’t have the chance to look at it. Other features include Chromium, a web browser much like Chrome that imports your book marks, history, and everything from Chrome and Firefox. Once you are up and running, you won’t notice the difference Firefox also installs with Linux.

One note about Linux. Windows 10 will fight a Linux installation to its last dying breath. But it can be installed along side of Windows 10. At least for the moment. And any Windows 10 update my hide the hard drive partition that has Linux on it. Search the Internet for articles about Installing Linux on the same computer using Windows. There are some good step by step articles about how to partition your hard drive, set up your computer to choose the Linux operating system when it is started, and how to install it for the first time using either a CD or thumb drive. The sad part is, Windows 10 knows the steps and some of the latest updates I have seen try pretty hard to identify the Linux install and block it. Windows claims that is for your safety, but the truth of the matter is, Windows wants a bigger piece of the pie. What pie? The one I refer to as the dark market. The Internet market centered on stealing, and selling every scrap of information they can get from your computer. There ought to be a law against that, but governments are their biggest customers. When you check the tax return box to support election funds, you are supporting the latest technology in spyware. Political parties buy every shred of information on people so they can send them customized ads that are supposed to match the mood you are in at the time. It doesn’t matter what side of an issue a politician in on these days. Remember the old movies showing how a politician takes one side of an issue at one meeting place, and the opposite side of the issue across town on the same day? If you pay attention to the news, you see the same thing. Well now politicians can change sides on an issue at Internet speed. As soon as they find out your view on any issue, a computer customizes a choice selection of ads designed to pop up on every site you visit. If I find some good programs to block them, I’ll let you know. Firefox used to have some good apps to block your on line experience from prying eyes. Check them out and you may be surprised to see how well they work. Just search some like, “block tracking on… the name of the browser you use.”

E-sword, a free Bible program that will work fine after you install Wine, a program that links your Windows hard drive with Linux. Wine will run between your C drive on Windows, and your drive for Linux. The Windows operating system will not be running. Wine will allow Linux to access Windows programs and run them on a Linux system. E-sword, my favorite Bible computer program is free. It is a little quirky running through Wine, but works fine. E-sword is powerful, and has a list of free Bibles and reference material to download. You can download E-Sword here.

Linux also has accounting programs, games, anti-virus programs, games, and other useful programs. Setting up a printer is not difficult. Most printers will support Linux. Wi-Fi printers require a little tweaking, and Wi-Fi scanning can be a chore. But there are plenty of articles on line. I tried a few accounting programs and I prefer GnuCash. It is easy to figure out and use. Much easier to print reports tham Microsoft Money was.

Gimp is the best photo editing program I have used, and works great on Linux. You can do anything with a picture with Gimp. I use Gimp to create my own book covers. There is a lot more you can do with Gimp. Gimp has great on line support with a long list of You-tube videos showing you exactly what to do. You can download Gimp from their website.

My favorite Anti-Spy-ware program is Spy-bot. They are the only anti-virus program I know of that has not gone commercial. In other words, gone over to the dark side of the spy-ware and data collection and sales side of the Internet. Spy-bot is free, easy to use, and you can purchase the full featured option at a much lower price than we see these days for other anti-virus programs. Here is a link to Spybot.

Thunderbird is my favorite E-mail program that is easy to install, set up, and use. Again, there are easy to follow instructions on line. Ad ons include a calendar program that can link to your cell phone using Android and Google calendar. I wish I could go Google free, but it looks like we are stuck with them.

Of course you can listen to music on Linux. You can look at a few of the music programs and choose one that suits your taste.

If you really like Windows 7, there is a program you can install that lets you set up our computer to look just like Windows. It is amazing, and has more set up features than Windows offers. There are a number pf programs you can find by searching the Internet and doing a little research.

Master PDF Editor is a great program offering more features than anything I have seen in any Windows system. You can open PDF files, edit, and save them all for free. Not tricks or gimmicks. Just open the file, do what you want to do, and save it. Programs like this can be added to Linux through their own version of an online app and program store. Most are free and a lot of powerful, stable, user friendly than many of the Windows and Microsoft programs on the market. 

Free websites are another subject and I plan on adding a page to get into greater detail. I’ve been using Word-press for years. You can set up a professional looking website in a few hours. It has some powerful features, and lets you do just about anything. If you are thinking about going to a paid website, master WordPress for free before you spend the money. A paid Word-press site offers more advanced features, and may be a little intimidating. offers free websites. is for paid sites. 

Look for another post on the best Android apps for Real Estate.

I think I have to add, Linux, Libre Office, Gimp, Spybot. Microsoft, Windows, E-sword, Master PDF Editor and all the other names I mentioned are registered trade names. There are copy right laws, and I hope they don’t mind me using their logos. If you have an issue, check out my DCMA notice.