Real Estate Investing

Real Estate investing can have many faces. Some of them kind and inviting, and some faces are covered by masks. How do you know you are getting into the right investment for you?

Investing can be as simple as buying a duplex. Live in one half and rent out the other half to help pay the mortgage, taxes, maintenance, and other expenses, No matter what type of investment you pursue, there will be expenses. If you are profitable, there will always be taxes.

This is a simple page to introduce the concept of Real Estate Investing. Details for each type and phase of investing are covered in articles listed in the drop down menu. Here is a brief list of steps all Investors need to follow.

  • Determine your price range.
    • Include purchase price
    • Rehab and improvement costs
    • Taxes
    • Listing and closing costs
  • Determine the type of property.
    • Land
    • Rehab and resell
    • Rental property
    • Retail Property
  • Determine location
  • Network
    • Contractors
    • Real Estate Agents
    • Lenders
    • Attorney
    • City Contacts

Look at all the aspects of investing. Develop a plan. Write your plan out. Begin the networking process as soon as possible. Gather information. Information is power.

The drop down menu lists a number of articles for investors. You can also search this website. Share some of your stories, ideas, and suggestions.

Beware!! There are number of scams aimed at Real Estate Investors. We cover the most common scams in some of the articles here.

Ez1 Realty attempts to filter our advertising from known or suspected investment scams, and investment websites selling incomplete and misleading information. If you spot one of those ads, let us know and we will remove that advertisement.

Product Reviews

Life is more than Real Estate. We all buy products. We all want to make the right choices on every purchase. This section reviews a number of products based on actual experience The reviews are unbiased and in fact banned from many online store reviews who follow certain rules. These products range from rechargeable batteries, cell phone gadgets, tools, to suppliers and vendors. There are also reviews on computer programs centered on productivity. The articles are original and all are based off personal use and experience. The world is more than Real Estate. And Real Estate should take advantage of recent advancements in every field. Real Estate is all about homes, businesses, and people. Why not work to enhance all aspects of life?

I hope you enjoy this section. Use the search feature on this site if you don’t see what you are looking for. You can also check the category section on the side bar and located near the bottom of every page. Also feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.