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Here is a short segment I want to work on. Family is important and one of the main reasons people look at buying a house. Family size and needs are some of the major considerations in looking for a house. So far I am adding a video of my kids. I’ll add more later. I hope this give you a few ideas of what you can do with your family. Trips and special events are also important. In the future I’ll post other pages with things to do around Sheboygan and Fond du Lac counties. Keep your eyes peeled for them. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Wisconsin Property Listings in Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Washington Counties, and all points in between.

1. Tour your property.

2. Review the outstanding features of your property.

3. Review current market conditions in your area. Determine a sale price.

4. Review suggestions on how to prepare your property for all future showings.

5. Identify your motivation. Explain to you your marketing options. Agree on showing arrangements.

6. Answer your questions concerning marketing, advertising, commissions, contracts and any other issues.

7. Review all tax and special assessment information, loan information utility cost and history.

8. Supply you with a detailed estimate of selling cost and proceeds.

9. Complete Listing paperwork. Sign the Contract.

10. Take photographs and room measurements.

All Property Listings are available on a variable listing commission rate based on the services required and marketing options chosen by you, the Seller.

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It’s been seven years since the EPA passed new laws to protect people from carbon monoxide build up in homes. But when are they going to introduce rules in line with locating the cause and stopping the source until repairs can be made?

I used to work as an engineer designing industrial ovens. CO detectors were placed where they needed to be, close to the source of CO, in the oven itself. The CO detector was wired into the oven electrical system. When CO exceeded safe limits, the detector sent a signal which closed the gas or fuel valve, eliminating the danger, and sounded an alarm. The problem was repaired, tested, reports filled out, and everything returned to normal.

Why didn’t the EPA pass a new law that mirrored industrial standards by requiring all combustion products to have CO detectors and safety procedures? Many homes have three levels which now require three CO detectors. Most homes have three appliances using combustion, gas stove, furnace, water heater. Many homes also have gas fireplaces. The problem now is, what happens when the stand alone CO detectors sound an alarm? That’s all they do is sound an alarm. Stand alone CO detectors do nothing to eliminate the problem or tell you where it is. That means the house is unsafe to enter until the problem is detected, repaired, and tested. This could get expensive.

Why did the EPA avoid laws requiring manufactures of combustion appliances to install CO detectors where they are needed? If an oven malfunctions, that alarm would sound, and shut of fuel, making the area safe after it is ventilated. If the furnace has a problem, the CO detector on the furnace will sound and turn off the fuel supply.

Carbon Monoxide Testing In Homes
Carbon Monoxide Detector

The system we now have can require expensive testing, and opens the door to fraud, contractors repairing appliances without defects. Does the fact most of our appliances are manufactured overseas have anything to do with the way that law was structured? What are the failure rates in newer appliances compared to older models? Why didn’t insurance companies step in and demand law makers follow guide lines established in the industrial world? As usual, there seems to be more questions than answers.

Internet Referral Programs

I received a call the other day from one of those Internet referral agencies. It was not at all what I expected. As usual, I listened to the sales pitch to see if I can pick up a detail or two I am not already doing myself for free. She kept mentioning gathering information from the Internet. As I asked questions I began to see, she was selling me a service that would make me an accessory to Internet theft. Once I mentioned that to her, she insisted, either I become a subscriber, or loose my business. Has Internet theft crossed the bridge to extortion?

I looked into those marketing companies. They use terms like using the latest technology to gather information, establish patterns, create reports, identify leads, and some of them call it Internet mining. What is amounts to is using spyware to gather and sell information. A light went off. Suddenly I could see how I work with buyers for weeks and just as they are ready to buy, another agent calls out of the blue and using high pressure sales techniques, talks buyers into dumping me and instantly signing a contract to buy a house they later regret.


I also see this happening on listings. I get a request from my website to show a listing, and the new buyer either doesn’t show up, or like the last one, I show up and another agent is showing my new lead the property. I called the last buyer and asked what happened. She told me an agent called her and scheduled an earlier appointment.

As I thought about Internet theft, I could see how serious this really is. Those people hold lives and businesses in their hands. They see everything on hard drives and nothing is stopping them from stealing customer lists from your hard drive and selling it off to the highest bidder. Internet theft has accounted for the loss of more jobs, closed more businesses, and caused more foreclosures than any other factor. Internet theft is ruining the economy, this country, and is against the Real Estate Ethics Code.


Here is Wisconsin, it is against the law to pay for real estate referrals. But that’s not the way lawmakers look at Internet theft. But what is the thief doing? Selling referrals by selling off your customer base.


The next move looks like it involves threats. Pay for their services or they will drive you out of businesses. Is there really honor among that type of thief? The US government says they will never negotiate with terrorist. We have a new brand of Internet terrorism in the market. It is Internet thieves extorting fees from honest Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and anyone operating an honest business. You know those people will sell of your customer list to the highest bidder in a heartbeat if you pay or not. Where do we go from here? Every person running for every office across this country relies on Internet thieves to get elected. Who can we turn to?