After getting rid of the old website and going with a lot less expensive, while more secure website, I’ve been learning a few things along the way. For one thing, the program to search for properties on the Internet is not free. It is not cheap. I underestimated the greed of the Internet. Since most people go to handful of sites to search for properties, it doesn’t seem worth the expense to try and compete with major Internet companies. On my old website, maybe 3-4 people a month used the property search page. I’ll see what I can arrange in the future, but the best way to look for a new property is to contact me, and I can use the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to search for your perfect home or business property.

Search for Properties Using the MLS

I already pay for the MLS, so why would I pay another fee, or set of monthly fees to put a semi-efficient property search page on this website. The MLS gives me over 1000 options to enter into a property search. Every feature you can think of in a house or business property can be entered into a custom property search. I included a few screen shots to give you an idea of what the MLS has put together. Each row has a drop down with dozens of options to choose from.

Search for Properties Screen Shots

Search for Properties by Calling Me!

All you need to do is call me, send me an E-mail, or fill out the simple form here. It is best to call. I can take it from there.

The MLS allows me to search all the features you want in the location you want. The results are much more accurate than any property search program on the Internet. From there, I E-mail you the results, save the search, and then the MLS sends you automatic updates before those other websites post new listings all over the world. It is quick, easy, and best of all, it is free, for you. One of the many services I offer.

The best part is, I keep your information private. I don’t advertise on the Internet to get leads, and I do not sell any information to Internet trolls. I work hard to stay on top of Internet security and keep the home and business property buying and selling experience as secure, enjoyable, and Ez as possible. Sure I’m different. But I think you’ll appreciate the differences I bring to Real Estate.

Property Search Form

Property Search
Fill in as much of this form as you can to begin the property search process with automatic updates.